I’m cold.

People say that many vampyres, by nature are susceptible to paranormal activity.  This could be for many reasons I guess, but I think that mostly it’s because they are so in tune with the realm of energy and spirit that they automatically pick up on it.  However, I WISH that things like THIS would happen to me.  As scary as it sounds.  Falseawakening07 is me.

[15:30] m0rB1d DeSirE: dude the freakiest thing happened last night
[15:30] m0rB1d DeSirE: i was sitting in my room..and it got really cold, like it tends to do, but this time i got really cold from the inside
[15:30] m0rB1d DeSirE: like what happens after u eat lost of ice cream
[15:30] m0rB1d DeSirE: lots*
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: or kinda like when u have a fever
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: so i took my temperature
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: and it came out to 37 degrees
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: so i sorta freaked out
[15:31] FalseAwakening07: …..dude you’re kiding…
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: took it again..and it did the same thing
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: so i go running downstairs to my mom screaming that i was dying
[15:31] m0rB1d DeSirE: shoved the thermometer in her mouth
[15:32] m0rB1d DeSirE: and it shoots up to 97
[15:32] m0rB1d DeSirE: so she freaks out..and starts feeling me and asking me if i feel sick
[15:32] m0rB1d DeSirE: of course by that time i did cuz i was in a panic
[15:32] m0rB1d DeSirE: i put it back in my mouth and it went back to 37..put it under my arm..36
[15:33] m0rB1d DeSirE: put it under hers 96
[15:33] m0rB1d DeSirE: then it finally did some sort of wierd shorting out thing and died
[15:33] m0rB1d DeSirE: so my mom decided that it just broke and threw it away
[15:33] m0rB1d DeSirE: ..my eye is still twitching
[15:35] FalseAwakening07: …..oh my god
[15:36] FalseAwakening07: are you okay now?
[15:36] m0rB1d DeSirE: i dunno..no more themometer
[15:36] m0rB1d DeSirE: so then i had a dream last night about vestille
[15:36] m0rB1d DeSirE: it was very short
[15:37] m0rB1d DeSirE: very simple
[15:37] FalseAwakening07: what was it?
[15:37] m0rB1d DeSirE: he took my face in his hands and asked..”are you still cold?”
[15:37] FalseAwakening07: ….i just got chills
[15:37] m0rB1d DeSirE: yeah

I don’t even know how to explain it.

Vampire Batman

For tonight, I’m too tired to write anything of substance.  So I give you this amazingness that I found at Barnes & Noble today (right next to the “Franz Kafka” graphic novel) for some reason.

Vampire Batman

I give you, Vampire Batman.

Thank you. Goodnight.

Some powerful ghosties.

I don’t know why, but for some reason this scared the you know WHAT out of me. This episode of ghost hunters aired tonight around 10:00 central time, just late enough for it to make me scared enough to sleep with the lights on. Thought I’d share.

It’s just the last part, the part with all the findings. Lemme know what you think:

It’s the EVP that gets me! The “I will do this” one. Gave me chills like nothing has before. Whew!!

The beauty of tattoos, again.

I spent the evening tonight getting my pride and joy (my newest tattoo) a face lift. I am so happy! It’s absolutely gorgeous now. Went through hell getting there though.

I actually had an appointment at 6 this evening with a guy named Shane at Atomic Tattoos. Well, at 6 o’ clock I walk into the tattoo shop all prepared to get tattooed, and our dear Shane can’t remember who I am, or what I’m there for. Well, he apologizes that he can’t “shade in my outline” today (which wasn’t what I was getting done) and that I can re-book for monday because he double booked for 6 o’ clock and he was taking the other guy.

Needless to say, I didn’t quite trust him after this–so–I went driving down to 6th street where my buddies at black cat live, hoping that it was early enough on a saturday night for them to fit me in. Well, the first guy to get in in was a beautiful beautiful man by the name of Mike. After explaining that I needed a current tattoo re-inked (it had faded quite a bit, just an overall bad job from the first artist) he promised to make it look immaculate and he could get me in right away!

He began setting up and getting things sterilized while I called Matt, my moral support for the painful endeavor. Matt–no longer wanted to come. And if you know me, you know that I HATE HATE HATE going through things like this alone. It scares the hell out of me for some reason. But it was too late! Mike was almost ready for me. After whining a bit about parking and traffic downtown Matt promised to call me back but I knew he wouldn’t. *shrug* It’s the way Matt is. He likes to avoid making me upset by not saying no, but still avoiding whatever I want him to do.

Well, Mike was ready, so the show had to go on.

It turns out that Mike was extremely nice, unlike some of the other tattoo artists I’ve had. And we had some quality conversation throughout the 2 hour tattoo re-do. Turns out he’s a Dallas vegetarian who likes Nine Inch Nails, Mastodon, and prefers vampyres over werewolves (I have no idea how or why the conversations turned that direction.) A good pick if I do say so myself, props to his “girl” wherever she is. 🙂

Aaaanyway, the tattoo turned out BEAUTIFUL! and I am more in love with it than the day I walked away with it the first time. Thanks Mike!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures up eventually. Before and Afters maybe?

Strange side note: Weird thing, all the way up until the minute that Shane told me that I wasn’t going to be able to get my tattoo there today I had this horrible anxious nervous feeling in my stomach that I just couldn’t shake. I wonder if my intuition knew that Shane was going to do a bad job or something? And the universe had to intervene because I’m a terrible listener, so they threw someone in my way. Who knows. Just a thought.

I Am Ghooosst!

I Am Ghost at...Warped tour?

Found out today that I Am Ghost is finally coming back after recording their new album! And they will be one hour away in San Antonio on August 16!

And, I got some killer intervention as far as the date goes. Originally, my friend and I had planned to buy tickets for Nine Inch Nails in Houston on the same day, and they sold out too fast so we were forced to buy tickets for Dallas on the 18th. So lucky!!

The Backstory: I have no idea how we heard of “I Am Ghost” but we loved their sound and fell in love with this local L.A band. On their first U.S tour we traveled to see them in San Antonio and just had to talk to them after the show. No one knew who they were here, but they were already celebrities to us.

So, we talked and got their autographs and such since they were milling around after they played and we ended up talking and hanging out and getting drinks together all the way until the club closed and we were forced to go our separate ways.

Well, 6 months later, they came back again for a different tour and recognized us! The leader vocalist, Steve, welcomed us with hugs and cheek kisses and introduced us to his growing “emo-girl” fan base as his “friends.” He paraded us around with him for a while and finally asked, “You wanna see the tour bus?”


We ended up drinking and eating fan-made cupcakes on the tour bus and uh–having some “rockstar fun” in the backroom. We won’t go into gorey details.

We were regulars at every show afterwards, and even though we thought they’d get too famous to recognize us, he always caught us from the crowd and made a point to meet us afterward. He got us backstage at Warped Tour last year, even without passes, and last time they played an Austin show the band spent the night at my friend’s house with me and her boyfriend. We all ate waffles in the morning and went to the mall to buy concert clothes. It was SURREAL! But amazing.

End Backstory

Anyway, I hope that this tour isn’t the one where they’ve seen too many fans to recognize our faces. It’s been almost a year now. I’m still totally psyched.


So, I realized while searching for vampire-esque header images (thank you to girltripped for the image, by the way) that I may very well get some criticism for this entire endeavor. So, I thought I disclaimer would be nice to start out with, as lame as that seems.

Disclaimer: I do not speak for all modern vampyres, I speak for myself. I am aware and appreciate greatly that all modern vampyres are unique in every possible way from the way they feed, to what they feed on, to the way they dress, to what they do in their spare time. I would merely like to serve as an example of one of the modern day vampyres who does not live life as the sun-fearing, blood sucking, coffin sleeping vampires of lore.

I believe that the world “vampyre” is widely misunderstood by a large portion of the population and only wish to document one person’s (my) daily life as a modern day vampyre in order to show that the word “vampyre” when attached to my identity, does not make me that much different than you. Not that much.

I appreciate any and all feedback from other people, vampyres and non-vampyres alike, regarding my posts, but please, if you read something about my lifestyle and habits that does not match your own, please spare me the flaming insults. This is my life and I do not wish to imitate yours.

Phew. Now that that’s over with, and so is my not-so-vampyre-esque-header-after-all, I do believe it is time for some sleep.

You know that feeling when you start on a creative project and you just can’t stop until you feel you’ve accomplished what you set out to do? …well for tonight, that was this.

Mission accomplished.

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