2012. 5 Doomsday Theories

The topic of conversation today was the year 2012 and all of the doomsday theories circulating around the news, internet, and book stores. Day’d heard a new one about a the sun aligning with a “black rift” in the universe, a portal to the underworld.

Of course this opened up a black rift in the conversation too, and we spiraled into all the doomsday theories we heard so far–and everything we needed to accomplish in the next four years just in case. Heh.

So, anyway, here’s a list of 5 Doomsday theories for the year 2012. Got any more? Comment me!

1. Polar Shift – Some believe that December 2012 will mark the time of a major polar shift for earth, causing dramatic effects ranging from the attraction of meteors (which may cause an event similar to the dinosaurs’ extinction) or the huge shift in the earth’s crust so rapidly (perhaps within hours) may cause some continents to sink, while other emerge from the ocean.

2. Total Destruction – Many theorists believe that a series of destructive events that began just years ago (think Anthrax Scare, 9/11/2001, Hurricane Katrina, multiple devastating earthquakes in the east, tsunamis, glaciers melting, global warming, etc) will reach its peak in 2012 creating total destruction of the planet earth and its inhabitants.

3. Galactic Alignment – On December 21, 2012 our solar system will be in the middle of a shift within the milky way. Not only will it align with the “galactic equator’ of the Milky Way (vertically) but it will also be aligning in the center (horizontally) where there is the most mass. Consequently, on this date we will be in the place with the most galactic gravity (which would cause volcanic activity, flooding, tsunamis and the like), be at the highest risk for large solar flares (which would disturb electronic communications or literally SCORCH the earth), AND be shifting to an entirely unknown new part of our galaxy.

4. The Black Rift – In relation to Galactic Alignment, Mayans predict that there is a “black rift” or “black hole” at the center of the galaxy where the solar system will be passing through in 2012. On 12/21/2012 it is predicted that the sun will align directly with this black rift causing unknown but dire effects, or perhaps even drawing our solar system into it entirely.

5. Merlin’s Prophecy – Among his other prophecies of nuclear disaster and terrorist attacks in England, his predicted apocolypse for the earth entails the planets in our solar system will no longer following thier appointed “orbits” and “running rampant” in our solar system causing mass destruction.

…I’d like to believe that 2012 is more of an awakening, a shift in consciousness. Not all theories can be bad right? Either way though, it seems evident that there is SOMETHING happening in 2012, whether it’s going to be good or bad. What do you think?

Thanks for the great information from this YouTube Video.



  1. *Frowns* Why are we humans (and vampyres I guess too) all so hung up on when and how the Earth is going to crash and burn? Such as the end of existance. Okay so what about the lovely implosion theory? Science tells that stars are getting closer and closer to Earth. In case you’ve never heard of the theory of implosion (as I’m not sure thats what its called) I’ll give a run down. The galaxy is made up of stars and planets and matter, correct? Correct! So basically, the stars are going into blue shift, the stars are getting closer to Earth, OH NO! Think we get it that the stars and planets and matter from the Galaxy is going to crash into earth from being dragged in and bang… Implosion, instant death. Another favourite of my theory’s is the sun’s explosion, as we all know the sun is a huge gaseous planet (star?) and it is constantly growing bigger from the gaseous material being dragged into its gravitational pull, it will either get so big that we burn to death (not pleasant) or it will pull everything into it (again not pleasant) or explode causing a huge energy shift and chain reactions of planets close to it exploding to… (Still not pleasant). I believe this is similar to the 2000 issue, the mellanium bug (cant spell that right now). Did it happen? No! Perhaps us from human nature expect the worst and then define it with science and logic or religion when it doesn’t happen… That’s my theory at least, so do I believe anything is wrong with 2012, nope, don’t think anything special will happen? Maybe humans will grow brains and learn that not each day should we fear for our lives ending, it will happen when the time is right. Just my take on this… Feel free to argue with me…

    The REAL Vampyre!

  2. I have to agree with REAL Vampyre, it’s so stupid predicting the apocalypse – it’s as if we WANT to die. Not gonna happen, I reckon.

    And besides, I believe in subtle fate. While the world is slowly going to eventual chaos – I mean really slowly here – everything is for our good in the end. And as long as I don’t die painfully I’m fine.

    (Sure, I still have an ENOURMOUS list of stuff I want to do but my opinion on death is ‘meh’. I think my soul won’t disappear, so either way I’ll be alive, be it in this dimension or another.)

  3. We are going to die!(dramatic pause) DUH! Everyone is screaming about protecting MOTHER EARTH! Guess what u idiots mother earth was here 65 BILLION years before we first started to scratch our asses! She’ll be here long after we’re gone. We had a good run. We’re due for a big ‘ole smack in the face. It’s the apocolipse & we gots us a front row seat. Sit back & enjoy! Sorry but that’s just the way it is. Wish it wasn’t 😦

    p.s. forgive my spelling. I was drunk when I wrote this

  4. joenoble is quite right, it is all irrelivant, no species on earth has evaded obsolescence entirely, extinction is as much a part of nature as growth.

    As i told a friend recently i would be disapointed if nothing happened because fearing death does not help, embracing it allows us to understand it better.

  5. Mayans believed time was cyclical and that at the end time would restart.12/21/12 is the start of a new cycle. we now know that time does not exist and is only a method of tracking events. since there is no way for time to “restart” the ‘prophecy’ is wrong. any one who actually read into this just a little bit, should have come across these facts. there is no reason to perpetuate the myth that 2012 is the end of the world.

  6. i think that life is like that. you be born and some point you will have to die. but i wish it wasnt like this. nobady can be that sure, that the world is going to be distroyed. its just predictions. even it did come true, we will be reborn some day with a different name different family and a different name. but if the world comes back the sciencetist will find every thing thats in the world.mabye they will learn more then our time(2008-2009)

    ps.this world is very special and we will find a way to stop this from coming.

  7. I honestly think SOMETHING is going to happen.
    The world goes through epocs, chapters. I think 2012 is going to be the end of this chapter, and the beginning of a new one.
    I think there will be destruction, people will die, things will be eliminated and wrecked.
    But the lucky people that survive it will be the ones to start earth over again in a new part of history.
    I don’t know how else to explain my thoughts, haha, so this might be kinda hard to follow.

    I think the world as we know it will end, but the world will not end completely.
    Things will just change.
    And we’ll go through hell in the process.


  8. Thioh true like a fucking black hole is going to come in like 3 years it would more likely take like millions of years..

  9. Believe drastical changes are going to happen across the globle, because no human being is happy with the present economic structure. We can see there is complete exhaustion in terms of Natural Resources. People around the Globle are going through acute Stress, Uncertainty Etc.

  10. It’s gonnabe end of time, end of space and end of everything. Make up everything before the date, all relationships, all things you wanted to do. Prepare for the sun explosion, I had a visionary dream. I was at my grandma’s flat, eating dinner and talking. Just like ordinary. It’s afternoon, and suddenly the sun light loosing it’s power. It goes down and up. The eruptions on the sun are easily visible. You ccan’t do anything else to watch it. The SUN LIGHT WILL BE PULSING. I’m watching it throught the window. Everybody’s watching. Everything stops at the moment. And then, I’m seeing how it flies all over the sky, to all directions. EXPLOSION. I’m hearing MIGHTY THUNDER and RUBBING. The circle of sun is getting bigger and bigger on the sky. I’m shocked, scared, confused, can’t believe it. What’s gonnabe now? It’s warm. Too warm. I feel strong pressure on my body and i know all life on Earth is about to die. I’m waiting for the end….. It was lucid dream and I’m worry it really going to happen.

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