FAQ – Visualization

I received a really good question about the feeding method I posted the other day. (The Aura Net.) And I thought I’d share it as a post, since it might help some others who are struggling as well. 🙂

Q: I am very aware of visualizing auras, but I always seem to have an issue keeping concentrated on the thing at hand. I can concentrate on the overall aura, but the second I move my mind on to the next step, I have broken concentration with the first step. I have been studying the aspects of auras for over 5 years and I have yet to master this problem. Do you have any tips as to how to keep concentration going during an aura feeding?

A: I used to have the same problem actually, so first of all it’s great to hear I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

The thing I found that really helped me was to stop concentrating so much on the feeding aspect and concentrate on the visualization aspect. As irrelevant as it seems, I did some completely unrelated visualization exercises to strengthen my “psychic sight.” Basically, strengthened my ability to visualize so that my concentration could go into the actual feeding and not struggling to see it happen.

The most simple but effective ones I found were the ones that had to do with color. Try these and see if they help:

1. Close your eyes and imagine that you are holding 7 balloons, each tied to its own string. Each balloon is a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. If you can’t visualize colors yet (and some can’t), just label each balloon with the word of the color it is. Then, one by one release each balloon in any order you please and watch it float up and out of sight. Each time you do this, it will be easier to see the colors, and you’ll be able to hold on to the balloon in your sight longer.

2. Close your eyes and visualize a red ball at the very very far right of your vision, then watch it move across your vision all the way to the left and out of sight. Then do the same for an orange ball, a yellow one, etc. for each of the 7 colors I listed above. Again, if you can’t see colors, just label them in your mind. Like the balloons, the colors will be more recognizable and the shape of the balls more definitive after a few tries.

As silly and pointless as these exercises seem, they really do help you train yourself to put yourself into the mental state to do successful visualizations to the point where it will be second nature to you, and concentrating on feeding will be a breeze. 🙂

Psychic Feeding Method #3 – The Aura “Net”

This method is great, and completely non-intrusive if you don’t have a specific donor and you have moral issues with taking from a stranger without permission.  It’s called the Aura/Aural/Energy Net.  Choose your favorite. 🙂

The technique is simple and can be used a multitude of ways.  Like most feeding techniques you kind of have to experiment a little and see which is most comfortable and effective for you.

The Aura Net is used to feed on ambient energy, meaning that it is no longer connected to a person but “given off” by them, like–body heat.  Ambient energy exists anywhere and everywhere that people are expelling energy or emotions, but it is most concentrated where there are large crowds (clubs, concerts, rallies, etc) who are preferably gathered for a similar purpose, this synergy makes the energy more intense.

When around such a crowd, it is often the nature of a psychic vampyre to absorb the energy anyway, but for more concentrated feeding, you use the aura net.

Take a moment to focus on your own energy field, visualize it if it helps.  Some see it as a sort of field of light, or a big amorphous cloud, but it can be whatever you see it as.  Now, as you imagine this energy field, or your aura, focus on extending it outward from yourself and into the crowd around you, thereby creating a “net” that captures the ambient energy in the room.  At this point, the energy joins with yours and can be absorbed through your “net” and back into yourself, or simply pull your energy back in and bring the ambient energy with it and into you as your energy closes back in on you.  Always always remember though to pull the energy back in after feeding rather than leaving yourself open.

Simple as that!

With this technique you are not “stealing” the energy from another human being, but simply taking what they willingly give off.  Though, it should be considered that it is not often suitable for sustaining most psychic vampyres for long long periods of time.  Energy directly from a donor or other human being is almost always more potent and sustainable, and should be used if available.

True Blood

Now this–is some brilliant viral marketing.  Made even better by the fact that it’s all about vampires. 🙂

For those that haven’t heard, there’s a new show starting in September on HBO called True Blood.  I know nothing about it except for that it’s about vampires, and that it promotes it with hilarious viral videos like these:

….the irony? I was born in Shreveport (the city the vampire motel is in.) 😛

And there’s tons more where that came from, these guys aren’t fooling around. Check out bloodcopy.com for more videos and news articles about vampires taking over the world.

Ignorance is bliss?

I had a very interesting experience the other day…one that I haven’t encountered in a while, but I’m sure happens every single day. I’ve been lucky up until this point, I suppose, to only encounter people who are accepting of my beliefs and the information I present, and if they aren’t, they kindly keep it to themselves.

Like everyday I check my “incoming links” to see who’s linking to me or talking about my blog so that I can thank them for helping me out. Well–I followed one of the links to a forum the other day, which was a “vampire lifestyle support” forum. I was pretty impressed, and there were some great people in there answering questions for the people that came in and said “OMGZ vampires exist?!” or “I think I’m a vampire, help!” It was great…

…until I started getting a little further in, where some guy came in and started tearing these people apart. He claimed he was “debating” but in all honesty he was just being condescending, unreasonable and rude. He claimed he’s been researching vampires for five years and he had a speech prepared on the proof that they don’t exist (which he copied and pasted into the forum).

That’s fine…state your opinion. But when the vampyres in the forum proceeded to kindly disagree he would pound them with remarks such as (and these are taken completely out of context, it’s just the condescending tone I’m talking about):

” Yeah it’s a little thing call eating food. You should try it sometime.”

“Would like to try the “vampires have already back their claims bullshit again?””

“If you do a little RESEARCH which you vamps are avoiding it like it was the plague, you would know that the type of anemia that is not treatable, is the one that people who are HIV positive! Once again you guys don’t like looking for answers so you stick a monster sticker on yourself and be done with it. Wow what kind of lable would I would choose if I never look up infomation about my dyslexia? One eye one horned flying purple people eater?”

He got every assumption he made about them wrong, and continued to demand “tangible” proof that vampyres existed. Everyone, to my surprise, stayed very calm and tried to explain things to him and correct his misconceptions, but he continued to come back with claims that our explanations were vague, inaccurate, or had an alternate explanation that could be explained by any array of medical conditions that he’d “researched.”

I honestly wanted to participate in this thread, but his ignorance is leading me to act like I normally would not…and I don’t even want to go there.

The thing is–there is not “tangible” proof of everything that exists.  No matter how hard you try, there are not yet scientific instruments that can record energetic or spiritual experiences.  (With the exception being the camera that photographs the aura, but this does not show how the person is actually altering the aura as this man demanded.)  Some vampyres display certain visual effects of vampyrism, such as fatigue if they have not fed for a long time, and evidently there are a good many that exist for sanguinarian vampyres that do not even touch what psychic vampires experience.  (Photosensitivity, anemia, etc.)  But these are not symptoms of some vampyre condition, they are simply effects that vary from person to person, or do not exist at all in some, and can not always be associated with vampyres.  Not all vampyres have anemia, not all anemics are vampyres.  You see?

Vampyrism, when it boils down to it, is an energetic thing a spiritual thing (even the blood-letting kind) and neither can be perceived with the eyes or measured tangibly.

One of the girls in the forum made a very good point, and I’m going to have to paraphrase because it’s now 240+ pages long and I can’t find it, but she said something to the effect of:  “There are no concrete facts, because we don’t know all of the answers ourselves.”

Wisest words I’ve heard all day.  Vampyres are human beings too, and in being, are all different.  Things that affect one vampyre, may never affect another.  Some feeding techniques will work for some and not others.  But most of all, there is no concrete proof, no checklist, to lable someone a vampyre.  And from what it sounded like, if he didn’t have this, he refused to believe there was a possibility that there were modern day vampyres speaking to him on that thread.

It’s sad, really.  If you go through life demanding proof for everything you wish to believe in.  There is so much that can not be seen or touched that you miss out on if you live this way.

But in the end…he’ll leave feeling triumphant, and the vampyres will continue being vampyres.  Proof, or no proof.

So, the moral of the story is:
1. Not everything needs proof to exist.
2. There is no need to “flame” the people who believe something different than you.
3. Ignorance…is not bliss.

The Black Veil – Saftey

Alright, for those who haven’t been following along, here is part one and two of the black veil series, with some more detailed info on what the black veil and its purpose are.  🙂  Part 3 is “Saftey.”

Use sense when indulging your nature. Do not flaunt what you are in public places. Feed in private and make certain your donors will be discrete about what happens between you. Donors who create rumors and gossip about us are more harm than they’re worth. If you engage in blood-letting, put safety and caution above all other things. Blood-born diseases are a very real thing, and we cannot risk endangering ourselves or others through irresponsibility. Screen donors carefully, making certain they are in good health both mentally and physically.

Never overindulge or get careless. The safety of the entire community rests upon each member’s caution.

I can’t stress enough how important saftey is, if you can’t tell by my other posts.  So many people get so consumed by the glory or the magic, or the image, the illusion of vampyrism that they overlook saftey entirely, and that’s the part where things go spiralling downward.

This section of the black veil makes donors sound rather–er–idiotic, but honestly its a good point.  With the reputation modern day vampyres get, donors who actually participate in the feeding process, especially those who did not have any idea or inkling that vampyrism was practiced in the first place, very often get excited and relay their experiences to people who–well–may not exactly understand, or may take small bits of information and apply what they’ve learned from Hollywood to blow it out of proportion.

This is not to say that NO ONE understands, but it’s important to be careful when opening up to people, especially donors.

In the process of my awakening, I was like a child with a wonderful secret, and likewise, I wanted to tell eeeveryone.  And that I did..and I broke this very important rule.  I fed in public, in not so discrete ways, I told people about me for shock value, or just so that someone else would know.  I won’t give you the entire story, but it did not end well, and gained me a reputation that was entirely too difficult to lose after I began to mature and grow into my nature, realizing the importance of this rule.  In this case it was my fault and not my donor’s, but the same exact principle applies.

Now, the part about blood-letting no longer applies to me, but for those sanguinarian vampyres, or hybrids, this rule is terribly TERRIBLY important.  Diseases, both from human and/or animal blood (if that’s your thing) are very real, and no one is immune.  As tedious and extreme as it sounds, if you are going to feed on blood, make sure that your donor gets tested regularly or that you are getting the blood from a credible source.  Also, be careful with your methods, dirty implements or ESPECIALLY using your teeth (I’ve spoken about this in a previous post) can be extremely easy ways for bacteria to get into your body and harm you.  Always ALWAYS make sure that blood-letting occurs in a safe, sterile, and private place.

The safety of the community does lie in the hands of those within it, this applies to any community, vampyre or otherwise.

Why are the villains always right?

I figured it out.  …Why villains are so provacative.

Because they’re BAD?  …No.

Because they’re mysterious?  …No.

Because they kill people?  …No again.

It’s because they have the clarity and knowledge of reality that many human beings refuse to acknowledge–and then they apply/show/express it, in mind blowing, eye catching, and extreme ways.

(Now who can guess which movie I saw tonight. 😀  …I’ll give you a hint.  The person I’m talking about is the Joker. :P)

Now, anyone who’s seen this movie may know what I’m talking about.  Anyone who hasn’t: 1) You should.  2) When you see it, listen closely to what the Joker says when he’s actually…er…talking.  He’s a psycho, sure, everyone knows this, but do you know why?  Because he’s realized the reality of his big city, the agendas, routines, illusion of safety, the hope placed in false idols, the power hungry law.

“It’s not about money.  It’s about sending a message.”   That’s all he wants to do, to show people the harsh reality of their world by–well–shaking things up a bit.

Who’s seen Saw?  The villain, the jigsaw killer.  He places people in fatal situations to make them fight for the lives they took for granted in the past.  Not only does this send a message to the people who survive, but for the people who catch word of it, they receive his message.  The message he wishes to send because he knows that masses of people are taking their lives for granted, but no one will listen to one person unless they shake things up!

The super villains and criminal masterminds of Hollywood are the most extreme and brutally truthful visions of society’s  dark side.  The side that everyone wants “heroes” to shield them from.  But who isn’t secretly drawn to the truth, scary as it may be?  …and who isn’t secretly drawn to villains?


Now you tell me where the irony is in the fact that Gotham City’s “white knight” Harvey Dent, becomes the cities next big villain?

Just some food for thought.

—-End Spoiler—-

And for the record, Heath Ledger was phenomenal as the joker.  If he wasn’t already immortal in the world’s eyes, there’s no doubt that he is now.  He gave the Joker his life, complexity, and insanity.  Amazing–one of a kind performance.

RIP Heath Ledger.

This thing we’ve become.

Going to big business conferences teaches you a whole heck of a lot about the human condition.  …and by that I mean that everyone aspires to be the same.

Well, let me rephrase, most people aspire to be the same…

I’ve sat through three and a half hours of seminars on how to get your search engine results to be better.  Not for this blog, don’t worry, I’m not going all corporate or anything, but for the company I’m interning for.  There must be–300 people here, and I’ve met…hmm…two that are anything beyond what I expected from a room full of people learning about Search Engine Optimization.  Call me a pessimist.

I feel like I’m speaking to broken records:

“Hey *glance at name tag* Abigail.  What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m an intern for Go9Media”

“Go what?”

“Go 9.  Go–G-O, and then the number nine.  Media.”

“Oh cool, what do they do?”

“We’re a web design company here in Austin.”

“Oh wow.  Well yeah, I work for *insert company name here,* we do *insert purpose of company here*.  Here’s my card!  Maybe we can partner up for something if you ever need *insert service here.*”

“Oh yeah, for sure, thank you.”

“It was nice meeting you!”

End of conversation.

…..yeah…it was uh…nice meeting you.  Though I know nothing about you.  What you do in your spare time, why you chose to do what you do, why you’re in Austin, if you’re a student.  I don’t care, anything.  If I’m talking to someone, I want to make a connection.  I don’t want to know you as “That one chick that works for some copy writing company.”  I’ll never remember you 6 months from now.  If you were to tell me about how your business is family owned, or if you told me that a lot of college students go to your coffee shop, or if you told me some funny story about your flight down from Nebraska.  God, anything but your name and your business card!

Although, on the upside, I did meet a guy who asked about my wrist piercing and told me all about his piercings (his nipples, haha) rather than hand me a business card, and guess who I sit next to in the lectures.  Him…not the copy writing lady.  Because HE has something worthwhile and DIFFERENT to say.  (I promise it wasn’t that fact that he had piercings, though that helped.  It was the fact that he didn’t shove his business card in my face.)

That, and the guy that runs a hookah/hasheesh retail business who told me about how he got started–good story.

We are humans.  For those who don’t realize that means we all have the power to be completely unique, individual, and alive.

Life is not about business, as important as that seems to be becoming.  But, if I’m interested in what you do, I’m going to be more interested if I know who you are and I feel somehow connected to you.  It may just be me, because connection/energy is very important me, but there has to be something inherent about human beings that wants more than just business relationships.

I’m in a room full of 300 potential friends, and all they want to do is hand me their business cards.  …Think about it.

On the upside…they have some really delicious brownies…and there’s a really cute blonde boy who won’t look at me, but he’s fun to look at. 🙂

Psychic Vampyre Feeding Method #2

Contact feeding.

This is a very common and simple way of feeding, but more importantly it is very very easy for most people.  This can be done by holding hands, hugging, kissing, or even through sex or sexual activities. This is very similar to biting, except it involves you taking rather than your donor giving.

Here’s the gist of it:

While in contact with your donor, concentrate on his or her energy or aura.  Imagine that through touching them you are physically connected to this energy.  Then, with a deep breath in, imagine drawing that energy from them, through wherever you have contact and into your core (this differs for many people, some consider it to be their chest, heart, solar plexus (right below the rib cage), or throat, most often in line with one of the seven chakras).  Use whatever visualization works best and feels most right to you.

Some people do not use visualizations but merely breath alone to focus and feed on the energy of another as they can “feel” it and do not need to see it.  Like I said, the method differs slightly from person to person, experiment and see which works best for you.

IMPORTANT: BY NO MEANS should techniques like this be used for “fun,” out of vengeance, on someone you don’t know or has not given you permission, or if it is not soley out of need.  Psychic vampyrism can easily harm those who it is practiced on if it is abused.

And the moral of the story is…

There’s a sneak peek of “Twilight” on the Penelope DVD!

…Okay that’s not much of a moral, but it’s still pretty exciting!  I don’t know if anyone else has heard yet, but it was announced that there would be a pretty nice sneak peak of the Twilight movie in the special features of “Penelope.”  (You know, the one about the girl with the pig nose.)

It’s mostly due to Day’s charm and good looks that we got to sneak a peek at this sneak peek, call us relentless fan girls.

Day thought that the DVD had already been released so we went to Hollywood Video to rent it and check out what this sneak peak really had to offer.  So, while I went searching on the shelves, Day went to ask the clerk if and where it was.  Well, they had about 30 copies in stock to rent, and 1 for sale, BUT–we couldn’t find them.  Not me, not Day, not the HV employee.

Well…after hunting for a while, the guy went back to double check that the computer wasn’t wrong or that he hadn’t messed up.   Turns out he had–the DVD wasn’t actually set to release until Tuesday, but the guy came back with a copy in hand.  …And he was prepared to let us have it.  Free of charge since he couldn’t exactly ring it through the computer.  “Just check out something else,” he said, “and I’ll make sure it gets through.”  So we picked up “Insatiable,” one of those low budget vampire flicks filmed in someone’s basement with a handycam. 😀  ..Kidding, it might be good, we haven’t watched it yet, I’ll let you know.  Not the point–

We agreed to have it back Monday night, drop it in the Return Drop anonymously, so that no one would even realize it’d been gone.

Well let me tell you–it’s worth it to check out, even if you have no desire to see Penelope, although it was a reeally cute movie.  It’s got some short commentary from the actors, the screenwriter, and Stephenie Meyer, but more importantly it’s got a scene in there from the movie.  The scene when Bella finally visits Edward’s house and they dance to Claire De Lune in his bedroom.  BEAUTIFUL.

It’s even got an inside joke in there about their collection of graduation gowns.  They dance awkwardly for a moment, before Bella reveals that her clumbsiness won’t allow her, and after a comment about how he could “make her,” Bella says the infamous “I’m not afraid of you.”  To which edward smiles his beautiful (and well executed) half smile with a “Your really shouldn’t have said that,” and wisks her out the window.  It stops just short of the “spidermonkey” jumping through the trees scene, I guess we’ll just have to wait ’til December for that one.

Cute cute scene, and we finally get to see how Robert works the vampire charm as Edward in the movie, unlike the one on MTV where we just got to see his ferocity.  I was pretty worried, but he does it pretty well for having such large shoes to fill.

The Black Veil – Diversity

And so continues part two of The Black Veil, if you haven’t read the first part, go here for a more thorough explanation on what The Black Veil is and what it means.

Part two is: Diversity

Our paths are many, even though the journey we are on is essentially the same. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect everyone’s personal views and practices. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack us from the outside.

Our diversity is our strength. Let our differences in viewpoint enrich us but never divide us amongst ourselves.

I have no critisisms of this section, if fact, it presents a very good point.  “No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are.” This is SO important, for many reasons.

1.  I’ve had many many people come to me, and seen even more people come to Day with questions about vampyres, vampyrism, and especially awakening.  The fact of the matter is, we know a lot about vampyrism, but not everything.  Our experiences will differ in many ways from your own.  Not everything we relay to you will apply to you.  Vampyrism is a very personal journey.  (Not even mine and Day’s was completely the same, despite how close we are.)  This doesn’t mean that you are or should be completely alone in learning about it, but never take one person’s opinion as law, take the initiative to form your own opinions, look inside yourself and at what is happening to you.  This is the most important thing you can do to learn about your own vampyrism.

2.  There are thousands of vampyres out there, and even more people that know or think they know all about vampyres.  I’ve been on forum after forum where people present information about vampyres and get beaten down by fellow posters who believe their opinions to be false.  ….Stop it.  There are always going to be people out there who know more than you, less than you, have different opinions than you, or are just plain ignorant.  Accept these for what they are, opinions.  If you think they are wrong, don’t take them to heart, or offer your own opinion if you want.  But there is no point in bashing people.  It only boils down to you putting more negative energy out into the world, and we all know we have quite enough of that going around.

3.  PHYSICAL APPEARANCE MEANS NOTHING.  This isn’t exactly what this section talks about, but it’s related.  No one has to wear all black, listen to a certain kind of music, wear eyeliner, have tattoos, etc etc to be a vampyre.  When someone dressed in pink and wearing pig tails tells you their a vampyre–they very well might be.  Vampyrism is a purely internal thing.  Business men/women can be vampyres, celebrities, even children.  Accept their opinions just as you would any other.

So, pay very close attention to this section.  Diversity and Unity ARE our power as a community, as a pretty big minority we all have to depend on eachother to learn, grow, and find solace in being different.  Thanks again to sanguinarius.org for the actual text from The Black Veil.

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