Vampyre Myth #4

Vampyre Myth #4: All vampyres have supernatural powers.

Authors like Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer have glorified vampires in their books, making them beautiful, glamorous, mysterious, and of course, magical.  The infamous vampires of fiction can fly, run really fast, read minds, see the future, and more.

As much as we wish it so, however, modern day vampyres do not possess such fantastic powers.


Depending on the person, some modern day vampyres have a few interesting tricks up their sleeve.  While flying still remains against the laws of physics, some vampyres are indeed so in tune with their psychic abilities that seeing the future and reading minds are not so far fetched.

It is very typical that before awakening and even after, psychic vampyres experience premonitions, as well as experience clairaudience (hearing spirits) and clairvoyance (seeing spirits.)  Sometimes it is at will–sometimes not–sometimes just as a part of dreams (or nightmares for that matter.)

And, although reading minds is extremely difficult, and even more rare, empathy is a common gift/ailment (depending on how you look at it) that affects psychic vampyres, allowing them to feel the feelings and emotions of people nearby or people they are connected to, sometimes even over many miles.  Though it does not allow them to hear word for word what is on the person’s mind, the feelings can be so strong and specific that vampyres commonly mistake them for their own.

Both of these things can, with enough effort, be controlled and strengthened, and with enough practice, can even be like their own super powers.

….If only we could find a way to fly.

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