The Black Veil – Discretion

The Black Veil, in the vampyre community, is a basic code of ethics for modern day vampyres.  Most of it is common sense, and is by no means a strict set of rules as vampyrism is not some sort of “club,” but they are helpful guidelines for those who practice vampyrism to maintain discretion, saftey, and a healthy relationship with people alike and unalike themselves.

Michelle Belanger, along with others, has re-written the original Black Veil to a more modern, less glamourized, more relavant version to our time, as the original was sometimes criticized as being out of date, and teetering on the verge of sounding outrageous and nearly fictional.

I respect Michelle Belanger greatly, but it is almost seeming that her own version of the Black Veil is becoming outdated with the huge changes that are going on all around us.  Agree with me or not, I present you some of my critisisms to The Black Veil (version 2.0), in will most likely be a many many many part post.

1. Discretion
This lifestyle is private and sacred. Respect it as such. Do not make a sideshow of yourself. We do not have to prove ourselves to anyone. Appearing on public TV to tell the world that you drink blood is useless attention-getting. It gets a negative reaction for the whole community. Our place is in the shadows; our greatest protection from small-minded humanity is the fact that they do not believe we exist. Someday they may be ready for us to reveal ourselves to them, but that time is not now.

Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.

Though I believe that discretion is extremely important to the vampyre community, this version’s use of the terms “our place is in the shadows,” and “small-minded humanity” make my heart sink.  Perhaps a few years ago these terms held more truth, but there’s been a huge leap recently in consciousness, and perhaps the shadows is not where modern day vampyres belong anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, our place is not yet in the lime light, and “vampire lifestylers” who drink blood on television may still attract a negative reaction, but I think that in small doses, the seed of truth about vampyres has been planted, even to the general public. Call me optimistic.

With more and more documentaries, tv series, books, and websites turning their focus on the truth and reality of modern day vampyres, they are slowly becoming more accepted as more people realize that not all vampyres are part of satanic cults run by the mentally ill and angsty teenagers.  Pop culture is always a strong force to contend with, but isn’t that even more of a reason for the vampyres who held on to their discretion to put something out there above the lifestylers who claim to be the only form of “vampire” out there?

I think a big part of lack of acceptance is that the public is only seeing the “vampires” who ARE putting information about themselves out in the open, those who are the people drinking blood on television.

I believe the last phrase in this part is the most accurate, and I will agree with this entirely: “Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.”  Information about modern day vampyres should not be forced on people that do not want to know, nor want to hear about it, nor are ready for it, but for those who are curious and searching for truth, I think there should be something out there for them to see.  Sites like, and offer viable and truthful information on modern day vampyres, available for people to FIND when they are ready to see it.  The vampire documentary on A&E is there for people who WANT to watch it.  And I recently spoke to a modern day vampyre who helps provide answers on Yahoo to those who are seeking information and truth.  I think this is the right path, one tiny step out of the shadows.

In my opinion, this “someday they may be ready for us to reveal ourselves to them,” may be nearer than the Black Veil suggests.  How will we ever know when people are ready to accept us, if we never put ourselves out there, just a little bit at a time?

Our lifestyle is sacred–she’s right.  But if we are to treat it as such, we are paying no respect to ourselves if we are so intent on hiding that we intend that “small minded humanity” should not believe that we exist at all.

Again, I respect Michelle Belanger greatly, along with the others who contribute to the Black Veil (I follow the guidelines myself, as do many others I know), and many things she includes are still very true, such as not making yourself into a “sideshow,” but it seems the secrecy she encourages may not be so entirely necessary anymore…



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  3. cool

  4. I too respect all writers of the Black Veil, but I have to confess I think that that segment on Discretion was quite close-minded in itself. Vampyres and humans should be able to be open with each other, because living as a vampyre is something that everyone should have the chance to be exposed to. Last year on Halloween, there was a Tyra Banks show where she interviewed a few members of the vampyre community and I think they represented the culture splendidly, demonstrating that there are different kinds of vampires, as there are different kinds of humans. They showed open-mindedness and wisdom when it comes to those who may not understand. Vampyrism is not necessarily dark, and not all humans are going to frown upon it. Humans should know the truths on vampyrism, and vampyres should not be afraid to share them openly. It is a way of life and not some secret that people who are not vampyres don’t deserve. It is select in its ways, but everyone should have the chance to learn more about it if they so choose. Vampyres and humans live side by side and we are all walkers of the same earth. We all need, we are all connected. I totally agree with you, and enjoy reading your writings.

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