Vampire -vs- Vampyre

This is a question that pops up quite often, believe it or not. ” What is the difference between “vampire” and “vampyre” and why are YOU a “vampYre?””  Well–here goes–and I don’t know how widely spread this answer is or if any other vampyres use the “y” for the same reason, but here is ours:

The word “vampire” has existed for decades, used in conjunction with the mythical killers of fiction.  When someone uses “vampire” it usually means people like Anne Rice’s Lestat, or Stephenie Meyers’ Edward.  They are the vampires with the special powers, the killer instincts, and inability to go into the sun.  More importantly, they are entirely fictional and there is no equivalen to these characters in the real world.

Many modern day vampyres chose the different spelling to create a class of their own.  As “vampyres” they were set apart from the fictional creatures and established as something quite separate.  Vampyres are those which I’ve described many times before, the ones who need the energy of others to keep themselves both healthy and sane, but they are nothing like the vampires you’ll read about in horror stories or fairy tales.

In short, the changing from “i” to “y” mearly separates modern day vampyres from fictional vampires so that there is finally some distinction.


  1. hello i have been looking for some one like u for a long time
    some who can under stand who we are plz responed to me

  2. that’s sh**! modern day vampyres are not anything! anyone can draw energy from someone else and you dont need it to survive unless you convince yourself you do!!
    And “fictional” vampires could be real and they could have been named fiction so no one would believe they are real which is what they want perhaps!! so vampyres are nothing but people that want attention and want other people to believe that they are something more than just human even if they are not, but i guess if that makes them feel better abut themselves!!!!

    • I agree with the comment above.

      How can you know that Vampires are fictional and they could not exist?? How do you know that Vampyres realy exist?? How can you make that asumptions??

      Do you know any of them? Are you one of them? I would have to see THAT one!
      Nobody, and I clearly mean NOBODY of us know if both kinds exist, and it annoys me that you say Vampires are fictional and cannot exist when you CAN’T be absolutely sure about it!!
      You haven’t combed the whole world and checked to see in every place if they do or do not exist!

      And about Vampyres: HUMANS, PLEASE!! Would you stop pretending to be something that you are not? If not, it doesen’t realy matter anyways…..the prefearance for them can be explained: of course everybody wants to be a vampyre!! just because they think it’s cool or because their live sucks! Sereously wich one of you have been drinking boold lately or used up the other human’s energy??

      I am not saying that Vampyres cannot exist, but humans who pretend to be vampyres are a whole different thing!!!

      Vampire or Vampyre??

      They could both exist or just one of them or none at all, so just let put the “fictional ” excuse crap aside.

    • Shut the fuck up. Those who believe to be ‘Vampyres’ themselves make themselves that therefore they are real, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re seeking attention but joining a class of those of which they believe they will blend into. In my honest opinion, those of us who believe we are Vampyres are simple straying from the simple minded sycophants like you, you’re hubris is a disgrace to you and the rest of mankind that has to suffer from your existence, so don’t comment on someone’s philosophy’s (if i may call them that) unless you can, yourself prove your point to be true, and in addition to that i suggest you re-take third grade literature.

      Thank you for the article, I’ve heard other opinions on the change of the I to a Y but this seems most believable.
      Good work.

      -::R Church

    • Replying to Isibia Dakura Aimee:

      Errrr… Seeing as this is an old post, I still cannot help but reply, considering that nothing was mentioned about drawing energy of others to survive. And do some research: The Legend of Vampires began with Vlad the 5th, also mistakenly known as Vlad the 3rd because his father was Vlad the 2nd, but two other members were name Vlad upon birth (Not Vlad the 2nd’s children, but children of other family members) being Vlad the 3rd, and Vlad the 4th. But Vlad the 5th, Son of Vlad the 2nd, was known as Vlad the Impaler. Basically, the Legend of Vampires came from him. He wasn’t drinking people’s blood, of course not, but he ran rivers with blood more than any other tyrant in history. Research some history. And personally, perhaps because of your… let us say, projected paranoia and immaturity, I would much think about how you interpreted something, if it is equal to what the typist had said, and if much of what you will say make much sense at all. Because I feel that in your comment above, you’ve failed greatly in all said areas. Something to consider before you decide to portray yourself to seem like you know everything, even though almost nothing you said was said with certainty, considering how many “could”‘s and “if”‘s you had in your comment. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I came across this blog and thought what the hay, I’ll give my opinion.
    I believe that Vampires do still exsist and heres my theory. People have evolved physically and mentally, Animals have evolved physically and mentally. So from a scientific prospective I believe that Vampire legends going back to the dawn of time have a ring of truth, with that being said I see no reason why a Vampire could not evolve enough to fit in with society while still maintaining a distance.

    Now if your religious and I know your out there…refer to the book of genesis (spelling is bad sorry) from the very begining there was proof of vampires (not the same name but the same meaning) have read.

    I have spent countless hours attempting research on my own to proof and disproof vampires, I have found more proof that the exsist and rather no proof that they do not. Some people prefer to see to believe, but I believe you do not always have to see to believe (God?)

    There are many unknowns and much to be discovered here in this world. Every year some scientist uncovers a new species or a species from before our time. So I see no reason that a vampire could not exsist. There are websites that explain the symptoms for vampireism and I recomend reading through them first before you continue your research it is always best to provide your non believe structure in order to prevail with your believe..

    Questions to ask yourself along the way:
    1. when something old as the dawn of time is writen and rewriten how much of it is lost in translation
    2. if they do exsist do you fault them for not revealing themselves?
    3. can vampires adapt the same way we have?
    4. how can so many legends from all around the world be wrong? many moons ago those cultures had no way of comunicating with cross cultures, as the only way to travel was by foot , before they learned how to travel in other ways.
    5. ancient cave drawings depict dinosaurs, dragons, cavemen cavewoman, wild beasts we dont see today, and they have Vampires…are they wrong too?
    6. If they have learned to adapt and evolve..could they be someone we know?
    7. Without ever meeting one personally (and I dont mean those gothlike posers) would we truly know what their true ablilities are or weaknesses …so how much faith should you put in hollywood films, garlic, or sunlight?

    I could go on but I think you get my point or at least respect my point of view lol..well to let you know im not some crazed individual im just a single mom age 31, Ont, Canada and love a good mystery and I believe that this mystery will always be such until they feel society will make more of an effort to accept then to hold racism and hate for someone they know nothing about.

    Take care fellow bloggers
    Tina G.

  4. whoa whoa whoa hold on just one damn minute, just because you don’t belive that we exist dosent mean that we are not real and why are you even on abigails site if you dont belive in vampires ?

  5. I agree with you on your theory of vampyres. But I’m not sure on your vampire theory. I have trouble believing that they do not exist. That they are a fragment of one’s imagination. How could one mind invent or create some creature that seems so realistic. You don’t know everything about this world. Things aren’t how they seem. Just keep an open mind.

  6. haha i would than turn around and ask isibia dakura aimee if the reason he/she is a mere mortal is becuase he/she simply believes it. this is where people like them refuse too accept that there are vamps out there. we atleast know who we are. and too be fair there are some within the fold that are only there because of belief. but the true vampyrien know that they are true and off the blood.

    so whatever makes you feel better about yourself isibia dakura aimee 🙂

  7. I only partially disagree with this blog… while technically its correct on a somewhat mundane level..with the victorian error..and fiction…and to disassociate with Hollywood vamps (psivamps were relatively unknown publicly until recently. )

    ..the devil is always in the details..especially concerning the current vampire community…..
    . what does a “y” look like?
    a fang
    What does the “I “in psivamp stand for ? the third “eye”

    Its one of those little bits of semi forgotten knowledge that was seldomely past down from Ramkht to Ramkht or house to house. and another reason most sangs spell vampyre with a “y” and most psivamps spell it with an “I” …for many years in the 90’s they were two distinct and semi seperate communities.


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