Psychic Vampyre Feeding Method #1

I decided to start with one that’s a little more unconventional, just because it is my own personal preference.


Alright alright, hold on there, I know.  It sounds a lot like I’m careening into Anne Rice novels, but hear me out.  There are much much more conventional methods that I’ll eventually list, but all of them involve literally pulling the energy out of someone into yourself.  Imagining yourself TAKING the energy of another, hence psychic vampyre.  But, for some reason, I’ve always had some really big issues with the “taking” part.  On a moral level, it just seemed plain wrong, and consequently, I sort of block myself from taking energy (unless I’m super desperate and it is unententional).

However, being GIVEN energy is a different story entirely, and is the main way that I receive mine in times of need.  Other vampyres do the same thing in different ways, some do it through sexual acts, affection (kissing, hugging, etc), among other things, including non-sexual.  But, alas, I do not have someone that I am that close to, however, biting quickly became a suitable alternative.

Let’s get this straight before I start too…I’m talking about DONOR biting VAMPYRE.  Not the other way around, though it is just as easily done that way.

Here’s how it works:

Biting, if you strip it down, is someone else putting effort into inflicting pain on you, with no gap between you and them, no instuments, no space, no nothing.  Effort=Energy, Biting=Physical Contact, both the things a psychic vampyre needs to feed.  (Side note: not ALL vampyres need physical conact, but many do.) Now, keep in mind you kind of have to have a masochistic side for this to work.  The best part about biting though, is that the donor is in complete control, when they are done giving energy, they pull away.  When feeding I don’t have to worry about taking too much, or making them feel uncomfortable in the end, because when they feel it needs to stop, it stops.

This is a personal method, and by no means is used universally, especially because of the inherent dangers.  Keep in mind, when I do this, there are no fangs, no blood, no broken skin.  We’re not ravenous animals here.  Breaking skin can be very dangerous as all of the bacteria in the other person’s mouth have a direct path into your body, so do NOT NOT NOT try that, and if you do I did NOT give you that idea.  Ya hear?

Psychic vampyres feed on energy, not blood, so we treat it as such.  An energetic experience, almost gentle and affectionate, rather than animals tearing into eachother.  (Gentle might be overdoing it, it’s still “biting” I suppose…the point is, don’t be violent just to be violent, for God’s sake.)



  1. […] holding hands, hugging, kissing, or even through sex or sexual activities. This is very similar to biting, except it involves you taking rather than your donor […]

  2. I agree with Pingback. Though I’m not sure what urbanvamp is trying to say as they say not to break skin and yet that is the closest to another human being can be except through sex or sexual acitivies. I’m both a psi and saguine vampyre, and taking energy simply becomes easy… “The best part about biting though, is that the donor is in complete control, when they are done giving energy, they pull away. When feeding I don’t have to worry about taking too much, or making them feel uncomfortable in the end, because when they feel it needs to stop, it stops.” not so true because you could keep them there by force. True vampyres should have control enough to never take more then they need.

  3. Pingback is actually something on my blog that links to my other blog posts when I mention them in anything, so what you were reading was actually an excerpt from another post that I wrote later about contact feeding. You raise some pretty good points though…

    First of all…I wasn’t very clear in the first post when I was talking about biting. I was talking about DONOR biting VAMPYRE. Not the other way around. 🙂 The other way around would fall more into the contact feeding category. (edited now)

    Second of all, the mention of not breaking skin was basically a disclaimer or safety precaution for those who will find my blog and may practice what I preach. Heh. The last thing I need is thirteen year old kids biting into each other’s necks and seriously hurting themselves because they found my blog. You know? I won’t lie, some people choose to break skin, it’s been done to me and I can’t complain, but more often it’s practiced by my sanguinarian friend. I am in no way shape or form a sanguine vampyre and therefore it is the contact, not the penetration that I feed from. It’s not the “closeness” but the amount of energy being exchanged. You see?

    And then as far as taking what you need, etc, anyone who knows me knows that I’d never be able to “keep someone by force.” I’m still a girl with virtually no upper body strength, haha. But, I’m sure that it could be a problem for some other people. When I’m feeding, and when most people are feeding, unless they are COMPLETELY ravenous, the act of feeding is not violent, therefore it is not hard for the donor or the vampyre to communicate when enough is enough. When I use biting as a feeding method, when my donor pulls away it’s a cue to break that connection, not a physical “break” in the connection as it is energetic and continues even though they pull away. This break in connection is still something that requires concentration and focus, as you mentioned. This cue is especially useful because sometimes what I need, especially if its been a while since I’ve fed, is not what is healthy for my donor to give. It makes feeding more mutual rather than an all give, no take (or vice versa) experience.

    So–just thought I’d clarify. I think sometimes I get excited when I explain myself in my posts and I don’t clarify enough for the people who don’t know me, or use the same methods differently.

    Thanks for the comment, and the feedback. It’s always helpful. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the response, glad I made the comment and apologises if I sounded rude. Simply sometimes get rather opinionated and stuck in my line of thoughts whether they are right or not. You pose good points and I understand what you mean about the breaking of skin, and your responsiblity of other’s taking your blog as to do that or not. In that I must apologise, my partner and I enjoy the physical closeness as the connection of energy passing as well, like being close helps us connect and get the energy we need easily. I’ll be off now but would love to hear more feeding methods, not just for the Psychic vampyres, but if possible that sanguine vampyres get a mention too. I know it’s hard but I would like to see if that is possible, for it to be blogged. If not you could always give me an email…

    The REAL Vampyre!

  5. Just wondering. I am a psychic vampire. How would you stop yourself from getting negative energy because I have been getting that a lot lately and I have been mean to my friends even though I don’t mean to. I would like to stop the negative energy from coming to me. Can you please help?

    New comer,

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