Pronunciation: tē-dē-əm\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin taedium disgust, irksomeness, from taedēre to disgust, weary
Date: 1662

1: the quality or state of being tedious : tediousness; also: boredom
2: a tedious period of time

There you have it…the condition that is devouring my soul today. After re-sizing, flipping, deleting the background of, and uploading about–143 images of sofas, chairs, and dining tables for the furniture website I’m working on–I feel like any one of these things might or will happen in the very near future:

  • I will throw up from sheer boredom
  • My head will explode due to lack of stimulation
  • I will simply go insane
  • I’ll quit my job because I can’t take anymore

But someone just gave me some really good advice to help with this disease that is tedium.
…Always find something to be excited about. It can be simple–the song that just came on the radio (thank you Pandora), the fact that you’re meeting friends for lunch, the fresh coffee that is now in the kitchen, the cute e-card you just got in your inbox (unless you hate those things).

They said: “It’s called living in the present.”

I’m giving it a shot today as I continue with the remaining 204 images….we’ll see. 🙂

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