And the moral of the story is…

There’s a sneak peek of “Twilight” on the Penelope DVD!

…Okay that’s not much of a moral, but it’s still pretty exciting!  I don’t know if anyone else has heard yet, but it was announced that there would be a pretty nice sneak peak of the Twilight movie in the special features of “Penelope.”  (You know, the one about the girl with the pig nose.)

It’s mostly due to Day’s charm and good looks that we got to sneak a peek at this sneak peek, call us relentless fan girls.

Day thought that the DVD had already been released so we went to Hollywood Video to rent it and check out what this sneak peak really had to offer.  So, while I went searching on the shelves, Day went to ask the clerk if and where it was.  Well, they had about 30 copies in stock to rent, and 1 for sale, BUT–we couldn’t find them.  Not me, not Day, not the HV employee.

Well…after hunting for a while, the guy went back to double check that the computer wasn’t wrong or that he hadn’t messed up.   Turns out he had–the DVD wasn’t actually set to release until Tuesday, but the guy came back with a copy in hand.  …And he was prepared to let us have it.  Free of charge since he couldn’t exactly ring it through the computer.  “Just check out something else,” he said, “and I’ll make sure it gets through.”  So we picked up “Insatiable,” one of those low budget vampire flicks filmed in someone’s basement with a handycam. 😀  ..Kidding, it might be good, we haven’t watched it yet, I’ll let you know.  Not the point–

We agreed to have it back Monday night, drop it in the Return Drop anonymously, so that no one would even realize it’d been gone.

Well let me tell you–it’s worth it to check out, even if you have no desire to see Penelope, although it was a reeally cute movie.  It’s got some short commentary from the actors, the screenwriter, and Stephenie Meyer, but more importantly it’s got a scene in there from the movie.  The scene when Bella finally visits Edward’s house and they dance to Claire De Lune in his bedroom.  BEAUTIFUL.

It’s even got an inside joke in there about their collection of graduation gowns.  They dance awkwardly for a moment, before Bella reveals that her clumbsiness won’t allow her, and after a comment about how he could “make her,” Bella says the infamous “I’m not afraid of you.”  To which edward smiles his beautiful (and well executed) half smile with a “Your really shouldn’t have said that,” and wisks her out the window.  It stops just short of the “spidermonkey” jumping through the trees scene, I guess we’ll just have to wait ’til December for that one.

Cute cute scene, and we finally get to see how Robert works the vampire charm as Edward in the movie, unlike the one on MTV where we just got to see his ferocity.  I was pretty worried, but he does it pretty well for having such large shoes to fill.

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