This thing we’ve become.

Going to big business conferences teaches you a whole heck of a lot about the human condition.  …and by that I mean that everyone aspires to be the same.

Well, let me rephrase, most people aspire to be the same…

I’ve sat through three and a half hours of seminars on how to get your search engine results to be better.  Not for this blog, don’t worry, I’m not going all corporate or anything, but for the company I’m interning for.  There must be–300 people here, and I’ve met…hmm…two that are anything beyond what I expected from a room full of people learning about Search Engine Optimization.  Call me a pessimist.

I feel like I’m speaking to broken records:

“Hey *glance at name tag* Abigail.  What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m an intern for Go9Media”

“Go what?”

“Go 9.  Go–G-O, and then the number nine.  Media.”

“Oh cool, what do they do?”

“We’re a web design company here in Austin.”

“Oh wow.  Well yeah, I work for *insert company name here,* we do *insert purpose of company here*.  Here’s my card!  Maybe we can partner up for something if you ever need *insert service here.*”

“Oh yeah, for sure, thank you.”

“It was nice meeting you!”

End of conversation.

…..yeah…it was uh…nice meeting you.  Though I know nothing about you.  What you do in your spare time, why you chose to do what you do, why you’re in Austin, if you’re a student.  I don’t care, anything.  If I’m talking to someone, I want to make a connection.  I don’t want to know you as “That one chick that works for some copy writing company.”  I’ll never remember you 6 months from now.  If you were to tell me about how your business is family owned, or if you told me that a lot of college students go to your coffee shop, or if you told me some funny story about your flight down from Nebraska.  God, anything but your name and your business card!

Although, on the upside, I did meet a guy who asked about my wrist piercing and told me all about his piercings (his nipples, haha) rather than hand me a business card, and guess who I sit next to in the lectures.  Him…not the copy writing lady.  Because HE has something worthwhile and DIFFERENT to say.  (I promise it wasn’t that fact that he had piercings, though that helped.  It was the fact that he didn’t shove his business card in my face.)

That, and the guy that runs a hookah/hasheesh retail business who told me about how he got started–good story.

We are humans.  For those who don’t realize that means we all have the power to be completely unique, individual, and alive.

Life is not about business, as important as that seems to be becoming.  But, if I’m interested in what you do, I’m going to be more interested if I know who you are and I feel somehow connected to you.  It may just be me, because connection/energy is very important me, but there has to be something inherent about human beings that wants more than just business relationships.

I’m in a room full of 300 potential friends, and all they want to do is hand me their business cards.  …Think about it.

On the upside…they have some really delicious brownies…and there’s a really cute blonde boy who won’t look at me, but he’s fun to look at. 🙂

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