Why are the villains always right?

I figured it out.  …Why villains are so provacative.

Because they’re BAD?  …No.

Because they’re mysterious?  …No.

Because they kill people?  …No again.

It’s because they have the clarity and knowledge of reality that many human beings refuse to acknowledge–and then they apply/show/express it, in mind blowing, eye catching, and extreme ways.

(Now who can guess which movie I saw tonight. 😀  …I’ll give you a hint.  The person I’m talking about is the Joker. :P)

Now, anyone who’s seen this movie may know what I’m talking about.  Anyone who hasn’t: 1) You should.  2) When you see it, listen closely to what the Joker says when he’s actually…er…talking.  He’s a psycho, sure, everyone knows this, but do you know why?  Because he’s realized the reality of his big city, the agendas, routines, illusion of safety, the hope placed in false idols, the power hungry law.

“It’s not about money.  It’s about sending a message.”   That’s all he wants to do, to show people the harsh reality of their world by–well–shaking things up a bit.

Who’s seen Saw?  The villain, the jigsaw killer.  He places people in fatal situations to make them fight for the lives they took for granted in the past.  Not only does this send a message to the people who survive, but for the people who catch word of it, they receive his message.  The message he wishes to send because he knows that masses of people are taking their lives for granted, but no one will listen to one person unless they shake things up!

The super villains and criminal masterminds of Hollywood are the most extreme and brutally truthful visions of society’s  dark side.  The side that everyone wants “heroes” to shield them from.  But who isn’t secretly drawn to the truth, scary as it may be?  …and who isn’t secretly drawn to villains?


Now you tell me where the irony is in the fact that Gotham City’s “white knight” Harvey Dent, becomes the cities next big villain?

Just some food for thought.

—-End Spoiler—-

And for the record, Heath Ledger was phenomenal as the joker.  If he wasn’t already immortal in the world’s eyes, there’s no doubt that he is now.  He gave the Joker his life, complexity, and insanity.  Amazing–one of a kind performance.

RIP Heath Ledger.



  1. I agree to all that… I saw the Dark Knight too, and wow he is really good as the Joker. I agree with all you say and have no way of expressing this other then… OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT…. Okay now I’ll stop my little rant…

    The RV!

  2. He almost sounds like V from V for Vendetta.

    ‘Artists use lies to tell the truth and governments use lies to put the truth away.”

    Favorite line.

  3. i agree, i dont think they had enough of the joker in there though

  4. I never have known of a villain who did not start out a good and honorable individual who was violated by circumstances that forced them to see the world in a diffrent less possitive way.

    You refer to The Joker wich is a good example but i would suggest that you read the graphic novel ‘The Killing Joke’ wich illustrates just how a bad day can destroy a person.

    In every ones life comes a moment of truth and it is foolish to presume that that moment will make them a better person, it may very well create a monster he or she would not have wanted to be.

    Life can be wonderous or tragic, fate has an unerring tendency to give us nothing we may want but much we very much want to avoid, if life is a spiritual quest it litters the minefield of our existance with setbacks and problems we cannot cope with, if we cannot rise above them we can only see the darkness and pain.

  5. There is a show on showtime Tv called ‘Dexter.’ Its my fav. Dexter is a seriel killer but the good kind… if that makes any sence… watch it on http://www.watchdexternow.com and you’ll see what I mean.

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