Ignorance is bliss?

I had a very interesting experience the other day…one that I haven’t encountered in a while, but I’m sure happens every single day. I’ve been lucky up until this point, I suppose, to only encounter people who are accepting of my beliefs and the information I present, and if they aren’t, they kindly keep it to themselves.

Like everyday I check my “incoming links” to see who’s linking to me or talking about my blog so that I can thank them for helping me out. Well–I followed one of the links to a forum the other day, which was a “vampire lifestyle support” forum. I was pretty impressed, and there were some great people in there answering questions for the people that came in and said “OMGZ vampires exist?!” or “I think I’m a vampire, help!” It was great…

…until I started getting a little further in, where some guy came in and started tearing these people apart. He claimed he was “debating” but in all honesty he was just being condescending, unreasonable and rude. He claimed he’s been researching vampires for five years and he had a speech prepared on the proof that they don’t exist (which he copied and pasted into the forum).

That’s fine…state your opinion. But when the vampyres in the forum proceeded to kindly disagree he would pound them with remarks such as (and these are taken completely out of context, it’s just the condescending tone I’m talking about):

” Yeah it’s a little thing call eating food. You should try it sometime.”

“Would like to try the “vampires have already back their claims bullshit again?””

“If you do a little RESEARCH which you vamps are avoiding it like it was the plague, you would know that the type of anemia that is not treatable, is the one that people who are HIV positive! Once again you guys don’t like looking for answers so you stick a monster sticker on yourself and be done with it. Wow what kind of lable would I would choose if I never look up infomation about my dyslexia? One eye one horned flying purple people eater?”

He got every assumption he made about them wrong, and continued to demand “tangible” proof that vampyres existed. Everyone, to my surprise, stayed very calm and tried to explain things to him and correct his misconceptions, but he continued to come back with claims that our explanations were vague, inaccurate, or had an alternate explanation that could be explained by any array of medical conditions that he’d “researched.”

I honestly wanted to participate in this thread, but his ignorance is leading me to act like I normally would not…and I don’t even want to go there.

The thing is–there is not “tangible” proof of everything that exists.  No matter how hard you try, there are not yet scientific instruments that can record energetic or spiritual experiences.  (With the exception being the camera that photographs the aura, but this does not show how the person is actually altering the aura as this man demanded.)  Some vampyres display certain visual effects of vampyrism, such as fatigue if they have not fed for a long time, and evidently there are a good many that exist for sanguinarian vampyres that do not even touch what psychic vampires experience.  (Photosensitivity, anemia, etc.)  But these are not symptoms of some vampyre condition, they are simply effects that vary from person to person, or do not exist at all in some, and can not always be associated with vampyres.  Not all vampyres have anemia, not all anemics are vampyres.  You see?

Vampyrism, when it boils down to it, is an energetic thing a spiritual thing (even the blood-letting kind) and neither can be perceived with the eyes or measured tangibly.

One of the girls in the forum made a very good point, and I’m going to have to paraphrase because it’s now 240+ pages long and I can’t find it, but she said something to the effect of:  “There are no concrete facts, because we don’t know all of the answers ourselves.”

Wisest words I’ve heard all day.  Vampyres are human beings too, and in being, are all different.  Things that affect one vampyre, may never affect another.  Some feeding techniques will work for some and not others.  But most of all, there is no concrete proof, no checklist, to lable someone a vampyre.  And from what it sounded like, if he didn’t have this, he refused to believe there was a possibility that there were modern day vampyres speaking to him on that thread.

It’s sad, really.  If you go through life demanding proof for everything you wish to believe in.  There is so much that can not be seen or touched that you miss out on if you live this way.

But in the end…he’ll leave feeling triumphant, and the vampyres will continue being vampyres.  Proof, or no proof.

So, the moral of the story is:
1. Not everything needs proof to exist.
2. There is no need to “flame” the people who believe something different than you.
3. Ignorance…is not bliss.

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