The Black Veil – Control

And, now for part four of the black veil series–Control.

Note: For those who don’t know, parts 1-3 can be found under “The Black Veil” in the categories section, if you want to get the info on what the black veil is and why it exists.

Anyway, part four is “Control”:

We cannot and should not deny the darkness within. Yet we should not allow it to control us. If our beast or shadow or darkside is given too much sway, it clouds our judgment, making us a danger even to those we love. Never indulge in pointless violence. Never bring willful harm to those who sustain you. Never feed only for the sake of feeding, and never give over to mindless bloodlust.

We are not monsters: we are capable of rational thought and self-control. Celebrate the darkness and let it empower you, but never let it enslave your will.”

Although this makes us sound like crazy mythical creatures just the way I hate, it makes a very good point–unfortunately, or sometimes not, vampyrism is indeed a “dark” practice, and is seen as such by a good majority of people.  Some let this get the best of them.

Vampyrism can be harmful if used for the wrong reasons: feeding for the sake of feeding, feeding to cause harm, feeding beyond personal need (being gluttonous about it), etc.

And I’ll be honest, the power of being able to give and take energy, just by manipulating it with your mind–is intoxicating.  The temptation is always going to be there, to push the limits, or use it for things it should not be used for.  The quote says it best, “We are not monsters.”  Or shouldn’t be, it’s all up to the individual.

The only thing about this section that I have to disagree with is the emphasis it puts on darkness–as darkness is often, but not always a key component of vampyrism.  But even more commonly, darkness is part of a vampyres being, but not the whole.  Some find vampyrism to be deeply spiritual, and many vampyres also practice energy manipulation for energy healing, energy cleansing, some use their refined psychic abilities for angel and spirit communication, etc–things that are not ruled by darkness, but instead quite the opposite.

So, if you are or realize you are a vampyre, remember that although darkness is empowering and intoxicating, it should not be abused, and it should not be allowed to consume you, only strengthen you.  And always–always try to find that perfect balance between your darkness and your light.


Great Vampire Video Blogger

I don’t know this woman’s name, but I already greatly respect her.   She’s actually trying to much the same thing as me, but in video blog form. 🙂  She’s decided not to show her face since there will always unfortunately be people who know or may know you in the future who will base decisions like employment, friendship, etc. based on the fact that you’re a vampyre, whether it is negatively or positively.  (Which shouldn’t happen, in my opinion, but does.)

Anyway–I don’t have a lot of sanguinarian presence in this blog so I thought I’d give her a shout out.

So sorry I’ve been lagging lately–my friends and I are finally preparing to move into our first house! And there is so much work involved that I don’t even think I’ve touched my computer in days. I should be back and keeping up with my posts more often in just a few days when things calm down. 🙂

Until then, enjoy the video. I’m sure you’ll see much more of this girl around, she really knows what she’s talking about.

Rogues, Drama Queens, and Nymphos: Your Basic Survival Guide

I’d like to say a special thank you to Mirado Crow for getting in contact with me and giving me permission to use some of his information on rogue psychic vampyres.

Rogue psychic vampyres are the ones I keep warning you about–the ones who use psychic vampyrism in ways that cause harm to other people, or remove their energy against their will. These are those who take from strangers, take for vengeance, for fun. In general–they go against the “Psychic Vampire Codex.”

Mirado Crow actually runs a website mainly for and about Wiccans, but I love her approach to rogue psychic vampyres and how to protect yourself from them, which is important to both vampyres and non-vampyres alike.

Mirado offers a few different alternatives, but my favorite is the fact that she suggests using white/silver/gold energy as a defense. Since the energy of rogue psychic vampyres is “dark,” as they are using vampyrism for harm, light energy can jolt or overwhelm them, or in Mirado’s words they will “choke on the energy you just blasted them with.” This will not only send a signal to them that you are aware of what they are doing (which should stop any vampyre in their tracks), but it will cause them discomfort and hopefully make them a little less willing to target you as their “victim.”

There are also a some tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a rogue psychic vampyre. Some rogue psychic vampyres are often labeled “Drama Queens” because they feed off of the negative energy they generate with their actions or gossip. Some are mistaken for “nymphomaniacs” because they take their energy through a person during “intimate play.”

But–the most commonly noticeable thing is that around rogue psy-vamps you’ll often feel a cold, crawling, or invasive feeling, much like someone is watching you, or even like someone is touching you if their energy is strong enough. Stronger psychic vampyres can sometimes even feel when their are latched on to by the “tendril” of a rogue psy-vamp and can in turn combat them with their bright and positive energy.

But–you much keep in mind that all of these things can be attributed to other causes as simple as–“This person really is a nymphomaniac” to your spirit guide giving you that “cold” feeling as a warning against a just-plain-bad-person. When you get these feelings, or notice these people there is no reason to jump up and scream “ALL RIGHT, WHERE THE HECK IS THE ROGUE VAMPYRE?!”

…Just be wary and observant.

Here is the full article where you can read more about how to recognize and combat rogue psychic vampyres, and really–knowing how is a really good idea. I’m the last person you’ll find losing faith in the human race, and the last one to believe that there are people out there who would harm people through vampyrism–but there are. Some psychic vampyres don’t even realize what they are doing when they do it, so it’s great to know what to do just in case.

Kind of like “Stop, drop, and roll.” Just saying.

Vampyre Myth #5

Vampyre Myth #5: Vampyres are immortal.

I definitely addressed this somewhere else in the abyss of posts I’ve accumulated over the past few months, but it’s shown up in my e-mail a couple of times since so I thought I’d revisit it.

…Are vampyres immortal?

No.  I wish we were, it would make life tons more fun, I’d jump off of more buildings, eat more junk food, take more risks, and be less afraid of athority. (What’s 10 years in prison if you’re gonna be alive forever?  …I suppose life in prison would be an issue though…)

But, alas, as I’ve said it before, it all boils down to the fact that we are still human beings, and in being so, we die. 

Although, (and this will probably be another post in and of itself) it is VERY VERY unlikely that any vampyre will ever die from not feeding.  We can certainly feel like complete and utter shit if we don’t, but I’ve yet to see someone who’s actually died as a result.

Anyway, while fictional vampyres revel or brood over their gift or curse of immortality, modern day vampyres come one day closer to death every day, just like everyone else. 🙂 

When someone finds a remedy to this aging thing though–please let me know.  Immortality wouldn’t be so bad…

“Help! I have vampires following me.”

I thought this was pretty hilarious, so I had to share.  I did promise though, so I have to give the disclaimer:

The participants in the conversation you are about to read meant no disrespect at all to vampyres.  It was just a fun topic of conversation.

With that being said, this is a conversation between Jamie and his wife Nicole.  I don’t know Jamie in real life, but I have a Twitter account, and started following his posts randomly after being entertained by more than one of them.  (Most of them pertained to zombies.)  Evidently, I caused some excitement, haha.

Jamie Branham hihi. guess what?

Nicole Branham what??

Jamie Branham vampires are following me on twitter.

Nicole Branham vampires!!!

Nicole Branham really?

Nicole Branham do they wantz your blood?

Jamie Branham ya know, everyone’s always “hey jamie, you should reach out, be more social” and all that crap. and when i do, what do i get? fuckin’ vampires. every time.

Nicole Branham why you no like vampires?? they are okay to be social with…aside from the whole killing you for your blood thing

Jamie Branham buy why me? i don’t see anyone else being stalked by the bloodsucking undead. you, david, and mini mcgothchick don’t get stalked by vamps on a regular basis, and you all love the damn things.

Nicole Branham hehehehe…I need to see this to fully understand. And they should stalk me…as long as they are the pretty, educated vamps and not the obese, unwashed, redneck vamps

Jamie Branham wait, are we talking about vampires or catgirls?

Nicole Branham =P

Nicole Branham well, both i guess

Jamie Branham you do have to watch out for those redneck vamps; what with their git-r-duns and the pigfucking and the being unstoppable death machines.

Nicole Branham you are correct sir – the tobacco-chewing and the blood-sucking make it hard for them….they are bad multitaskers

Jamie Branham and you know if they bite you, that shit’s DEFINITELY getting infected.

Jamie Branham fuckin’ redneck vampires.

Nicole Branham chea!! That is not gonna be a pretty afterlife

Jamie Branham an unfathomable limbo of “jesus take the wheel” and livestock-based carnal desires. and feeding off the living, of course.

Nicole Branham oh -wow….poor sheep. that’s gonna hurt.

Jamie Branham i don’t think the one stalking me is a redneck vampire though. while the situation is still confusing, i guess i should take that as a positive.

Nicole Branham I can’t see your stalkers =(

Nicole Branham I wanna see the vampire!

Jamie Branham you can’t see them?

Jamie Branham are you looking at them through a mirror?

Jamie Branham they don’t have reflections, you see.

Nicole Branham this is true – they have no reflections and they hide from me on your twitter – maybe they are only visible to their chosen prey

Nicole Branham one of us

Nicole Branham one of us

Jamie Branham i don’t see anything about myself that would draw the attention of vampires. or any right-minded human for that matter.

Nicole Branham but

Nicole Branham aren’t you “Spooky Goth”

Nicole Branham =P

Jamie Branham yeah, cause nothing says ‘dark and tormented’ like a ska-loving, supposed corey feldman look alike

Nicole Branham you = losy boys though

Nicole Branham lost boys

Nicole Branham you have vamp cred

Jamie Branham holy shit, that’s it! they think i’m one of the frog brothers! they’re trying to off me before i get to them!

Jamie Branham i’m gonna get slaughtered by the children of the damned because of fucking mistaken identity.

Nicole Branham I’m glad that I could be a part of this epiphany…so, are ya gonna take em out before they get the chance

Jamie Branham i don’t have mad vampiya slayin’ skillz. and i’m fresh out of spare corey haims.

On a side note, although Jamie is worried about his blood and mortality now, he’s helping me design my new tattoo. 😀  Thanks again, Jamie.

On a completely different note.

Don’t be disappointed. This post has absolutely nothing to do with vampyres, except myself. Sometimes I just get so excited about something, and I just can’t seem to put aside the excitement to make way for anything else. …I think I’ve discovered what my new tattoo is going to be. HOWEVER, I need some assistance from the masses out there who are keeping up with my life through this blog.

Here is the image that sparked such mind altering inspiration:

If you can’t tell…I’m talking about the girl with the balloon. But, also, that sentence scratched into the wall there. “There is always hope.” This image struck me for more than one personal reason, and I think it would make a fantastic new addition to my collection of body art.

But, here’s where you come in. I want to do it creatively. Not just like a rubber stamp somewhere on my body. I want it to look like it belongs there, just like it looks like it belongs on that wall. I think a lot of the beauty of this “graffiti” is that it looks like it SHOULD be there. …I want to keep that if I transfer it onto myself.

So, do any creative minds out there have any ideas on where or how to place this? I also want to have “There is always hope,” probably in script somewhere in there, but that’s negotiable.  Scale/size makes no difference to me.  I’m not at all opposed to large tattoos, the only aversion I have is to arm tattoos, because I’ll rarely every be able to cover it if I need to.

Also, if I’m lucky enough to have some tattoo artist readers who could draw this out into a tatto-able drawing, I would be forever and ever and ever in your debt.

Please break the silence guys, this is the point of putting my thoughts out onto the web, is it not? To get feedback?

EDIT: Sorry, existing tattoos, right, that’s important. Here are links to the only images I have right now of my two existing tattoos:

The one on my chest, left side.

And, the one in the middle of my upper back.

Sorry for the bad quality of that second one, it’s the only one I could find that actually showed it’s actual placement/scale.

FAQ – Can I be turned into a vampyre?

So, fortunately this question hasn’t yet been asked to me personally, and I’m a little glad as that is a good sign, but it shows up pretty often in the list of “search terms” people are finding me under…

You’ll get mixed answers on this from everyone, as everyone awakens differently.  Some people believe they were “turned” while others just “realized” their true nature.  So, not everything I say here will apply to every vampyre, much like anything else I write here, but I’ll give you the “general” widely accepted answer to the question:

No…if it is not part of you already, no vampyre can TURN you into a vampyre.

Now, let me explain. 🙂

Awakenings CAN happen by being fed on by another vampyre, which is often perceived as being “turned.”  And, keep in mind, I’m talking strictly psychic vamps here.  It is said that the energy of a psychic vampyre, when mixed with that of a “potential” or unawakened vampyre, can spur that change that will cause the potential vampyre to awaken into their nature.  (This is how I was awakened.) Because the potential vampyre may have not even known about his/her vampyrism before that point, to them it was much like they were turned into a vampyre by the other.  It is not instantaneous by any means, for me it took nearly three years to completely understand what I was doing, and what it meant to be a psychic vampyre, but it became much easier as I was surrounded by others who were the same.

But, this is not some sort of ritual that can be performed on just anyone.  You can not approach a vampyre and say “turn me” and have it be done.  …Don’t try it, please.

The other way, is slower, and in some ways more common.  That way is that the potential vampyre realizes on their own what they are, what they are doing, and what they need to stay healthy (energy).  This is usually a slower process, as most often it is a very solitary process as there are no outside influences to suggest which steps should be taken.  Some seek help from awakened vampyres after their realization, some begin to feed and survive based on instinct, some never even realize what their doing and simply feed involuntarily.  (These are sometimes the people you just feel “down” or “drained” around for no apparent reason.)

In both cases however, vampyrism was already a part of the person who awakened.  It was not non-existent one day and just “placed” there the next.

If none of this makes sense, or you want more in depth details on awakening, just comment this post and I’ll try my best to answer your questions. 🙂

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