Time Out For Greatness: The New Twilight Trailer

Alright, the original plan for tonight was another Halloween post, but then I realized–There’s a new Twilight trailer today!!

So let’s take this as my mini tribute to Edward Cullen (I dare say, the most popular fictional vamp in the world at this very moment…let’s face it).

Alright, I won’t waste anymore time.  Full length, amazing, fantastic trailer:
(EDIT: Sorry about the broken link for a while there. I don’t think the producers like the trailers being on youtube for some reason–but it’s a lost cause. Here’s a working one. :))


  1. The video is no longer available. : (

  2. I am looking forward to that movie…have been for awhile. Unfortunately my job has taken me to South Korea for awhile and so I won’t get to see that movie for some time after it comes out.

  3. I can’t wait for Twilight to come out, simply because me and my friends all love the plot line. However, we all think that Edward didn’t look like the person they casted for him. The movie looks good, but we wish Edward had been better casted.

  4. I love the book twilight. I am on the book New Moon. They are awesome books.

  5. I absolutely love Twilight. I am glad Stephenie Meyer wrote it. I am on New Moon and it is awesome.

    Long live vampires,

  6. robert pattison played the part perfect he is amazing no one could of played it better than him.

  7. I love twilight and I would like to see the movie. It is now on dvd isn’t that awesome?

  8. i love this movie it a lot of imagination.Lots of people are now writing realy good vampires storys on quizilla.The vampires in each story are different. i dont know what to belive and what not to.oh well . If you like reading vampire storys check out Quizzila.

  9. I can’t wait to see this movie! I hope they put in The Bravery’s new song Slow Poison, I think it would be great for the next Twilight film!

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