A Fond Farewell

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog for so long.  I kept telling myself I would come back to it and keep it going for good, but it seems family, friends, and most of all COLLEGE are keeping me from doing so.  I noticed though that there are still people coming around, reading, and commenting.  🙂  Thanks so much for all of the support and interest.

Of course I’m leaving the blog up.  Hopefully people will continue to find and share the information I’ve posted in the past.  Unfortunately though, I’m going to have to bid a fond farewell to all my beautiful readers. 

For all of those who have posted comments with questions and requests for me to contact them: I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to each of you individually.  I get so many comments a day and it’s hard to answer all of them.  But don’t worry, all of the answers are out there (if not already here).  Don’t ever give up your search for the truth, follow your instincts, and your heart.

I love you all and thanks again for all of the love, support, and most of all sharing your acceptance, information, and discoveries.

Love forever and always,



  1. dont worry about that i am also in school im a highschooler and my family just got a new house and we have to move into a motel for about a month mabey two and get the new house put into our lot , but trying to be careful not to let mortals know what and who i am is testy i try to be careful and not reveal myself for qny good reason i will admit it is hard work keeping this a secret but it has to be done. if you ever get the chance to post on this site again without all of that stuff bothering you i will be here i LOVE LOVE LOVE your site it has lots of helpful tips that help me though my life. you are the best blogger i know and i have referred you to my other fellow immortals (2 vampires ,1 witch ,1 airance.) they have not visited it yet but they will i trust them that they will .thanks you so much Abigail winters i know that feel the darkness all around you and you belive truely in what you are and alway will . OH HEY almost forgot could you give me some advice on vampire clothes and how to dress the way i should? you are so great abigail and again i have to say that this site is the greatest one ever. i have no e-mail yet so you might have to post on here for me to read it k

    well fellow immortal my thirst calls me , and alas i have to answer .
    be forever well , souxi

  2. I hope everything goes well in college.

  3. I hope you do your best. I would love to speak with you as soon as I can. I want to learn about being a vampire.

  4. Good luck Abby, I know that things get in the way sometimes, but I’m glad you know what is most important. Family means everything to me, take good care of them.

    See ya :o)

  5. Awww… I just found this site too. It’s very helpful. Is it possible you might hand it down to a well educated vampyre?

  6. I hope you do good in school and I hope you find a good job.

  7. Abigail:

    It is very sad to see you go. I know this is a late letter but alas I have been busy as well. If you should ever come to The Court in Denver please let me know. (You have my e-mail).

    Yours in blood.

    Danelle Dragonetti Queen Vammpyre of Colorado

  8. I hate to do this to you, but it is possible for me to get a photo of you of some sort for this project I am doing? We are required to put together an informative speech with a powerpoint and after finding your website I decided to use you as one of my examples of a “modern day vampyre,” You put reality and fiction together in most people’s mind’s, it is amazing.

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