Who is this?

My name is Abigail Winters.

You may call me whatever you like. 🙂

I enjoy many things, but you might easily find me around:

  • Industrial music
  • Really good movies
  • My cat
  • A comfy bed
  • My family
  • As well as family #2
  • A computer

I am a modern day vampyre, a psychic vampyre if you’re curious, as in I don’t drink blood. (And no, this doesn’t mean I read minds or see the future either, I wish I could, and I promise to let you know as soon as I can.) I belong to a small group (or “coven”) of other vampyres, one psychic like myself (tantric to be exact, but we won’t get into it) and one sanguinarian, as in she does drink blood. It used to be a larger group but some fall out of or deny what once was a very important part of their identity (which you may hear a lot about here.) They are like a second family to me, and in some cases, my first.

The differences between psychic and sanguinary vampyres are numerous, and I apologizing for not explaining here, but there is a fantastic thing called wikipedia which will be happy to answer all of your questions. Or stay tuned and I’m sure you will find out quickly what exactly this is all about.



  1. I stumbled across your blog on a random search on “vampires.”
    Very intriguing stuff 🙂
    All the best,

  2. Just out of curiosity, who did you come about to you “coven”? Did you seek them out or did they approach you?

    I ask because I have looked for vampire “covens” in my area and have come up empty handed, and I would like very much to join one.

  3. Just out of curiosity, how did you come about to you “coven”? Did you seek them out or did they approach you?

    I ask because I have looked for vampire “covens” in my area and have come up empty handed, and I would like very much to join one.

  4. If you are interested in being part of a documentary about American Vampires, please contact me or forward my e-mail to anyone you know that may be.

    Thank you,

  5. i need some answers, Please email me.


  6. I stumbled across your blog. I think it was a google ad (which I *never* pay attention to) that caught my eye on one of the two vamp sites I frequent.

    I am a relatively newly awakened psi vamp and am still trying to figure things out for myself. I look forward to reading more about you. 🙂

  7. hi abi,
    i am a sanguinarian,. i have commented on a few of ur blogs but i would like to talk to u via email, i know u probably have alot of people asking this of u but i could greatly use some help. i was 6 years old when i found why i had different…habits then my friends. fortunatly, before i knew why, i had the sense to keep it a secret. i was 14 when i met the first vampyre other than myself, thats a long time to think ur just a bloodsucking freak. my friends had just recently awakened when i met them and we have formed our own ‘coven’. growing with this on my own has been very difficult and i would like to talk with someone who has been for a while. feeding is also difficult for me as i dont want to inflict pain on any of my friends but i dont want to go around biting strangers either. that happend once when i was extremly desperate and i hope it never happens again, poor turist will never come back to alaska.
    so if u could email me i would greatly appretiate it, graciebaby15_ak@yahoo.com

  8. Ahh, another tantric feeder. Succubus at heart, mm? Nice to find others.

  9. i have questions for you, and thingsyou may want to know….if you find time, i would like for you to e-mail me. thank you

  10. Merry meet!

    I just start to read your blog today. Just loving it. I’m a pranic…
    so, I’m really glad to find your blog around the web…
    Nice 2 meet u and congratulations, you’re a lovely writer.

  11. hey email me please?

  12. or anyone who reads this, email me please!

  13. Well hello there.

    I am not sure what kind of Vamp I am, but I know that I am one. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this blog, as you may be someone who can guide me. I have had more than my fair share of unexplainable Vampiric incidences, and my friends can attest that I speak the truth. You seem to be similar to me in quite a few ways, such as your writing style, interests (from what I can see from the short time I’ve browsed this blog), and…affiliation with others of our kind. If you could please kindly e-mail me so that we can talk, I would really appreciate it. I am somewhat of a lost soul, and you seem like a good place to start for some guidance. You can reach me on my primary e-mail very easily at bring.her.back@gmail.com

    Thank you.

    And no, my real name’s not Alice, it’s the name I use on the internet because my mom’s an idiot and won’t let me put my real name ANYWHERE.

  14. It has always been strange to know that othe people are the same and do not feel ashamed of it. Being a psy vampire is something you grow to control. But to read your blogs I smile to remember the beginning days of learning to control what was so natural. 15 years later and I still want some of the old habits, but have learned more useful ways to be without feeling like and odd ball. Unfortunately where I live being an odd ball isn’t the most gracious thing to be. Especially not in the south. But tonight I was wishing for the days of my coven and wishing I had that family back. So I understand the feeling of having your coven as your first family. there you truly feel you belong and are not alone in a room full of people.

  15. Hello,
    I have questions and am very curious on the subject of the modern vamire. Please
    Contact me at scoley@stedwards.edu.

  16. *Vampire* so sorry -.-

  17. Omg. I’m so happ I found this. I was so alone, I was 10 when I first relized I was different from everyone else. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s like me. I’m a psychic vampire, and I have no one else. I mean I have a family but I’m almost a no one to them and I can’t go to friends. I’ve only met one other like me, Her name is Amber. She is also a psychic vampire and she’s gone. There are no covens where I am, and I feel alone. But I’m glad I can feel like I’m not the only vampire out there. Please email me sometime. I could use some help.

    (anyone can email me. Please)

  18. I have a few questions to ask you.
    So if you could be kind and email me i would greatly appreciate it.



    P.S. any Vampire may
    thanks again

  19. Great site, nicely done. You like industrial music too? Check this out if you get the chance:

    That’s my music page and I just started it up recently.

    I’m looking forward to reading more and I sent a message to Chad at Sinister Visions about your stuff. Thanks for all your help with the CSS!

  20. I just have a basic question & yes I know I probably shouldn’t be asking it. Can you be awakened later than the age of 36. Just curious…

  21. Hello, i suppose i am what would be called a latent, in the last few months i have become more aware of it as i have gotten older and less of an idealist , the first indicator was in my teenage years (i am twice as old now, over 40) i had a brush with the unknown one night i will not forget, a horrible event that i can never forget.

    The problem with the term “Vampire” is that it can mean many things – all of wich are true, what IS true? we must find our own truth even if we do not know where we are headed – life never gave anyone propper directions towards enlightenment, it just blindfolds us and pushes us forth incapable of seeing the road we are on or what lies ahead.

    Is it not interesting that the one thing that everyone seems to comment about is how truly alone they are, it is like a symptom, is it a latent dislocation from our fellow man ,an enforced sense of solitude that makes us what we are?

  22. wow ,how does it feal to a vampire it seems
    so cool i wish i could meet you , i have always
    wanted to be a vampire to know what it would
    be like you know i donno ive dreamt of being a vampire
    and ya that would be so trippy but ya .
    P>S wish i could meet you -tamika badger

  23. Hey,
    Nuge again, heh.
    I have a few questions I’d like to ask you which actually don’t involve vampirism!
    If thats OK with you of course, haha.
    So if you’d like to shoot my an email that’d be great
    With regards,

  24. hey its me again. I would love if i could barrow that book I am working on that paper right now. Bout a third of the way down. I would like to talk to you on this subject alone some time. I know I have a dark side and I would like to explore it. This subject has always seemed to connect with me on some level and would like to know what you think i should do. I would like to keep this meeting secret. Maybe we could just email back and forth if worst comes to worst but I have always prefered to speak in person.

  25. Well done here sister. Beautiful site. I have no questions therefor I need no answers. But please feel free to add me if you are a myspacer.

  26. Hello Abigail!

    I just wanted to tip you off to to song by Jerry Cherry called “Vampires”. You can download it here: http://drop.io/vampires and you are free to use it as you wish. Jerry’s website is http://www.jerrycherry.com/. Hope you enjoy the song!

    – tom

  27. I found your blogs to be an interesting read.

    ~Until then

  28. I would like to get an answer from my question back in September. Can you be awakened at age 37 oops I think I put 36. I have always had earlier in life Religion pushed down my throat & never have even come close to ever having a true identity of myself I just knew I was different. Not lonely but, something was missing. I was in my teens late teens that I found that out. I was always a very, very dark person & now at age 37 I am experiencing bloodlust so to speak . When I cut myself (I do not purposely do to see blood) I am a little clutsy at times & happen to trip & brusie & get cut sometimes anyway, when I do get a cut & I drink instantaniously I feel much better . I am normally a very nervious person but, when that happens I become really calm & collected.

  29. Well, I was searching for someone like you! I mean comeone how often does a hybrid come across a psi who is well a real psi? I went to so many sites that were plain poo.. I will tell you a little about me.

    I’m 16, as a I mentioned I am a hybrid but I’m more sang than psi, I’m wiccan, but even before I awakened I could see the future so , me being vampyre has nothing to do with it. XD your a trantic? wow, I can’t belive it, no one here would ever believe I’m a vampyre, I mean you see me and I’m pale, but I’m mexican [[don’t ask]]. I have sharp k9’s and Thats following the fake stuff, I’ve been called vampyre which is weird. Two people here know I’m a vampyre my bf [[my donor]] and my best friend [[ who thinks it’s fanticy]] and my other friend [[who fakes it, im hoping he gets sick drinking blood]] I just hope you email me so maybe we can chat it up or something.

  30. can i call u winter?

  31. Hello i have recently met a distant cousin who says she is a vampire. For about 4 years know ive been craving blood and ive been gettign my fill from friends and a butcher sadly. know i have been told that i just havesome weird fedish also ive been told that i might be vampiric. i was wondering if there is any way anyone could help me to find out if i am ether vampiric or not. please e-mail if you can help me with this question.

  32. Love the blog keep it up. Nice layout. 🙂

  33. this is very interesting via email me at killer_jet2002@yahoo.com just u i’ve got some questions for u…..

  34. Good day, this is a general Inquiry to all those who are Vampires, I am working on a project for a course I am currently taking, I am trying to learn more about the Vampire Sub culture, particularly for those who are youth (meaning still living at home as a dependant) If anyone can lead me to site/blogs that can give me some research that I can write a paper on I would appreciate it very much


  36. My name is Drake. I am an American Vampire. I am a energy vampire. I am a new comer. Can you please teach me the way of the vampire.

  37. i agree with all of you, i am Souxi from the olympic coven. i am going to say this because i care for every vampire on this here site, we are what and who we are there is no way that we can change that . we are on this earth to guard our kind and not let it perish. i am posting some music that i created for the way it describes me best and it is what i am a vampire, but if any outsiders hurt anyone in my coven i become the BOUNTY HUNTER

    /private/Network/Servers/pvhsxserve2.fms.k12.nm.us/Volumes/Docs/2011/cbayliss685/Desktop/Dog The Bounty Hunter (Album Version).mp3

  38. we are who we are and we can not change that. i am souxi from the olympic coven, i am here to talk to any one who needs advice

  39. Hello Abigail Winters. My name is Drake. I am an American Vampire. My favorite things do are play my Gameboy Advance and play games and listen to music.

  40. Very interesting stuff here… I shall bookmark this site and come back when I have time. Keep up the great work Abby ;-P

  41. Matt… By “telling anything the public audience of this site wants to know”… Do you mean answers for humans or vampires? I think I am human and am curious for answers on vampires. From this site my vision on vampires has changed from dark and mysterious to social and kind. I would like to know more. If anyone else has answers please contact me.

  42. My name is Kayleigh, and I have been interested in this stuff for a while. I have been reading quite a lot of posts on your website, and after taking it into consideration, I think that I may be a psychic vampire. I find myself extremely tired or drained except when I am around anything living. Also, when I am around my dogs, they seem to be extremely tired. I was wondering if you could email me if you have the chance(ohemgeekayleigh@yahoo.com), so that if my suspicions are correct, you may help me confirm this. Also, I was wondering how you came across your coven, because if I discover that I am a psychic vampire, I would enjoy to belong to a coven near my home. Thank you for your time, and if you don’t get back to me, I completely understand.

  43. What is the map about? I would like to now to see if you are leading us into a trap or if you are one of our friends

  44. hey abi,
    i found out about this website when i was just lookin for something to do but im really interested in vampires and i would like to hear from please email me as soon as you can because i have alot of questions

  45. I want to know how and where to be transformed…. Its been my life long dream and yet everywhere i go i come up empty handed.

  46. I just posted the last comment please email me back. Tanks

  47. I’m so glad to see so many other vamps on here!!!! I just found you on a whim I suppose…But..My freinds and I have a coven called the Immortal Midnight Core ( Real Vampyres) and I was hoping to get some of your info and quite possibly some help. If you want, you may add me on myspace (please let me know why) or just email me.
    And I do thank you for any help.
    Best wishes and many thanks,
    IMC Priums/ Co-Dominus

  48. Hi Abigail,

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Raphael, im from Brazil. I’m an occultist. Since my teenage I study, and try to make contact, with every one around the world who “don’t match” this simple reality of facts. I’ll let my mail contact. You, and everyone who read this, are invited to share knowledge and experiences…i live near the Amazon forest, here strange things happen…


    Im waiting for you!!

  49. Hello,
    I don’t know whether i believe that vampire exist, but for some reason i think i may be one. I have had times where i felt that i can drain people, make them ill and in the process rejuvinate myself, sex in particular boosts my enegery. I have also heard people saying things when their mouths are not moving, their voices sounding echo-like, almost somewhat static and jumbled, but not disorientated that i cannot hear them. A few times i physically craved the tast of blood, but have only bitten once, although i often feel an urge to bite. I’m more well spoken than my family and friends and it is not due to fine education as i attended one of the worst high-schools in south london, i like the taste of garlic, but it upsets my stomach and my eyes are slightly sensitive to the light. Could this all just be coincidence?

  50. well hello
    hi i am an indian girl but i am not a vampire(of any kind) but i want to ask some few things but how u become vampire , do u have any pwer ,does some vampire are vegetarian or not please i really request you that if u are free any in the morning or night i really want to alk to u please i want to ask some question from u please do reply . bye and i hope u will repley soon and ake care

  51. Hello Abigail 🙂

    First of all, I would just like to say that I love your website, it has helped me learn a few things about vampires and vampyres, because (as silly as this sounds) I use to just think there was only vampires and they all drank blood by biting their prey.
    Second, I would just like to ask if there are any vampires out there who can and are willing to turn humans into vampires such as themselves? because I have wanted to be a vampire ever since I heard about them when I was a child (I even love the taste of my own blood). You can email me at jess_over@hotmail.co.uk 🙂

    Thankyou very much 🙂


  52. Hello I am a psychic vampyre as well, but a latent one I just found my abilities 🙂

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