Psychic Vampyre Feeding Method #2

Contact feeding.

This is a very common and simple way of feeding, but more importantly it is very very easy for most people.  This can be done by holding hands, hugging, kissing, or even through sex or sexual activities. This is very similar to biting, except it involves you taking rather than your donor giving.

Here’s the gist of it:

While in contact with your donor, concentrate on his or her energy or aura.  Imagine that through touching them you are physically connected to this energy.  Then, with a deep breath in, imagine drawing that energy from them, through wherever you have contact and into your core (this differs for many people, some consider it to be their chest, heart, solar plexus (right below the rib cage), or throat, most often in line with one of the seven chakras).  Use whatever visualization works best and feels most right to you.

Some people do not use visualizations but merely breath alone to focus and feed on the energy of another as they can “feel” it and do not need to see it.  Like I said, the method differs slightly from person to person, experiment and see which works best for you.

IMPORTANT: BY NO MEANS should techniques like this be used for “fun,” out of vengeance, on someone you don’t know or has not given you permission, or if it is not soley out of need.  Psychic vampyrism can easily harm those who it is practiced on if it is abused.


Enter To Share

I’ve never met a group of more beautiful people…

My friend had been asking for months, “Come to the potluck this Wednesday, I just know you’ll love these people.” I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe her. There were people there that did drugs, drank, partied, everything that I DID NOT, nor did I think I would enjoy their company…but god I was so wrong.

The door said “Enter To Share” and literally when I opened the door and all eyes turned toward me, I did not feel anxious, or uncomfortable, just warmth. She introduced me as “the girl who promised promised to come,” and they all introduced themselves with handshakes and hugs.

It was like I’d known them all my life. Which never happens.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate most human beings, do not become attached to many, and stay within my tiny group as I have for five years now.

But the longer I sat there, the more comfortable I was. No one even had to talk to me, the energy in the room was just so positive that I absorbed it like a sponge. They spoke about the gift of the moment we were in, philosophy, spirituality. I hadn’t felt such joy in–well–a long time. I couldn’t even explain to you why THIS would be the time and the place.

And get this–no drugs.

It sounds like a cheesy story, but that was exactly how my night went. I stand corrected, there are people my age beyond my limited group who have looked beyond the superficial and have found a deeper and more beautiful meaning to life.

People who truly live in the present, and are grateful for it, unlike most people.

I hope these aren’t the only ones.

On a Side Note: The food was AMAZING! …I’d go every wednesday just so I could eat a mean like that once a week.

Psi Vials

Lono, the owner of, has created something rather cool!

They’re called psi vials. They are, admittedly, just a piece of jewelry, no magical powers that I know of, but after staring at “blood vials” for so long, I thought that was a really cool idea.

In his own words, “they contain both a chemical (an industrial crystal compound stronger than strontium aluminate) and a biological element..which to have that component is a treated form of blue algae and phytoplankton, so they wont decompose. ” Basically, through the chemical reaction, they both radiate energy and glow in the dark.

It’s not psychic energy, and can’t really be used for feeding or replenishing lost energy, but it’s a nice symbol of the psychic vampyre and the psychic vampyre community. Plus, they aren’t even expensive at about $9 each.

Evidently, by requests he also attaches “constructs” which can be charged with or hold a donor’s energy to make the relic more personal/useful.

Very cool idea, and for a good purpose (keeping on its feet.)

Vampyrism in the Laboratory

For all the skeptics out there on whether psychic vampyrism is or is not a reality, I found a very interesting article today about scientific studies done on those who practice psychic vampyrism.  Subjects varied from college students to couples in long-term and on-going relationships.

The results were rather interesting, whether you’re a skeptic or not.

For those who don’t know, everyone has an energy field called an “aura” that changes based on mood, mental state, current feelings or emotions, among many other things, and the aura can actually be photographed by a special kind of camera that can capture an image of the energy field.

Well, subjects were photographed before, during and after this “psychic vampire interaction” and–well, take a look for yourself.

First, the psychic vampyre’s aura before, during and after feeding.  Before feeding it is weak and dim, during, small “tentacles” emerge from the aura to draw the energy from their donor’s aura, and after, the aura is energized, bright, and wide.

Now, the donor’s aura.  It begins bright, wide, and dense, and after being fed from it looks much like the vampyre’s initial aura, weak and dim.  Actually, if you look closely you can see what the article calls “puncture wounds” in the aura from where those tentacles from the vampyre aura reached in to draw energy.

Pretty interesting, huh?  Now, it’s not as parasitic as it looks, and there are many alternatives to outright draining your donor, including “energy exchange” which I may describe in detail later.  Basically, instead of plain taking energy from a donor like in these pictures, you exchange it, giving yours and taking theirs, and in effect “refreshing” your energy as well as theirs.

On a final note: I’m impressed that scientists are taking the time to actually research this.  Thanks scientists.


I’m not usually one to just come right out and talk about my vampyrism. Vampyrism in general, no problem, but I’ve seen enough ridicule and misconceptions to be wary about connecting all of this to myself.

But–I haven’t fed in weeks–and call it the effects of hunger, but this was the only thing on my mind, and the only thing I could think to write about right now.

I was dumb enough to think that–after 2 weeks, I could easily make it through another 2 until Matt’s lip piercing was healed (don’t ask why this is important to feeding, it just is), and I’ve never reacted so badly to not feeding for so long.

I’ve been enduring the normal fatigue, compensating with gratuitous amounts of caffeine, but today, somehow, everything just fell out. I woke up this morning STARVING. Not energy hunger, physical, real, painful hunger, and dying of thirst. I didn’t make the connection.

I of course scarfed down my breakfast and chugged my bottle of water, feeling more than satisfied, but less than fifteen minutes later the hunger was back full force and I found myself reaching for more water. Strangely enough though, the normal fatigue that cued me to feed was gone and replaced with this horrible can’t-sit-still restlessness, SANS caffeine believe it or not.

This is about the time when I began recalling Day’s horror stories of insatiable hunger and unquenchable thirst when she’d gone for a while without feeding. I assumed it was because of her sanguinary side, but this matched completely.

I scoured the internet and my books for feeding techniques other than the one I used and this is what I found:

  • Use of aural “nets” to capture energy from other people
  • Using the same technique but on large crowds
  • Physical touch involving deep relaxation and concentration

The first two are difficult–one: I haven’t refined my strengths enough to feed without physical contact, and two: I have absolutely no access to a “large group of people” in an office for 6.

Now, the physical touch technique held no problems for me–until I considered my donor. A restless, angsty, and skeptical guy who couldn’t sit still if you were paying him. Deep relaxation and ESPECIALLY deep concentration were out of the question. And you can’t necessarily go up to strangers and say “Hey uh–can I borrow you for a second? Real quick.”

I settled for a big bloody steak to tide me over, a sort of placebo if you will, to trick your body into thinking its consuming real energy. Cruel, I know, but it helped me for a couple of hours. Now I’m back to scouring the beautiful thing called google for help. :/

Glorious, right?

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