The Black Veil – Discretion

The Black Veil, in the vampyre community, is a basic code of ethics for modern day vampyres.  Most of it is common sense, and is by no means a strict set of rules as vampyrism is not some sort of “club,” but they are helpful guidelines for those who practice vampyrism to maintain discretion, saftey, and a healthy relationship with people alike and unalike themselves.

Michelle Belanger, along with others, has re-written the original Black Veil to a more modern, less glamourized, more relavant version to our time, as the original was sometimes criticized as being out of date, and teetering on the verge of sounding outrageous and nearly fictional.

I respect Michelle Belanger greatly, but it is almost seeming that her own version of the Black Veil is becoming outdated with the huge changes that are going on all around us.  Agree with me or not, I present you some of my critisisms to The Black Veil (version 2.0), in will most likely be a many many many part post.

1. Discretion
This lifestyle is private and sacred. Respect it as such. Do not make a sideshow of yourself. We do not have to prove ourselves to anyone. Appearing on public TV to tell the world that you drink blood is useless attention-getting. It gets a negative reaction for the whole community. Our place is in the shadows; our greatest protection from small-minded humanity is the fact that they do not believe we exist. Someday they may be ready for us to reveal ourselves to them, but that time is not now.

Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.

Though I believe that discretion is extremely important to the vampyre community, this version’s use of the terms “our place is in the shadows,” and “small-minded humanity” make my heart sink.  Perhaps a few years ago these terms held more truth, but there’s been a huge leap recently in consciousness, and perhaps the shadows is not where modern day vampyres belong anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, our place is not yet in the lime light, and “vampire lifestylers” who drink blood on television may still attract a negative reaction, but I think that in small doses, the seed of truth about vampyres has been planted, even to the general public. Call me optimistic.

With more and more documentaries, tv series, books, and websites turning their focus on the truth and reality of modern day vampyres, they are slowly becoming more accepted as more people realize that not all vampyres are part of satanic cults run by the mentally ill and angsty teenagers.  Pop culture is always a strong force to contend with, but isn’t that even more of a reason for the vampyres who held on to their discretion to put something out there above the lifestylers who claim to be the only form of “vampire” out there?

I think a big part of lack of acceptance is that the public is only seeing the “vampires” who ARE putting information about themselves out in the open, those who are the people drinking blood on television.

I believe the last phrase in this part is the most accurate, and I will agree with this entirely: “Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.”  Information about modern day vampyres should not be forced on people that do not want to know, nor want to hear about it, nor are ready for it, but for those who are curious and searching for truth, I think there should be something out there for them to see.  Sites like, and offer viable and truthful information on modern day vampyres, available for people to FIND when they are ready to see it.  The vampire documentary on A&E is there for people who WANT to watch it.  And I recently spoke to a modern day vampyre who helps provide answers on Yahoo to those who are seeking information and truth.  I think this is the right path, one tiny step out of the shadows.

In my opinion, this “someday they may be ready for us to reveal ourselves to them,” may be nearer than the Black Veil suggests.  How will we ever know when people are ready to accept us, if we never put ourselves out there, just a little bit at a time?

Our lifestyle is sacred–she’s right.  But if we are to treat it as such, we are paying no respect to ourselves if we are so intent on hiding that we intend that “small minded humanity” should not believe that we exist at all.

Again, I respect Michelle Belanger greatly, along with the others who contribute to the Black Veil (I follow the guidelines myself, as do many others I know), and many things she includes are still very true, such as not making yourself into a “sideshow,” but it seems the secrecy she encourages may not be so entirely necessary anymore…


Vampyre Myth #4

Vampyre Myth #4: All vampyres have supernatural powers.

Authors like Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer have glorified vampires in their books, making them beautiful, glamorous, mysterious, and of course, magical.  The infamous vampires of fiction can fly, run really fast, read minds, see the future, and more.

As much as we wish it so, however, modern day vampyres do not possess such fantastic powers.


Depending on the person, some modern day vampyres have a few interesting tricks up their sleeve.  While flying still remains against the laws of physics, some vampyres are indeed so in tune with their psychic abilities that seeing the future and reading minds are not so far fetched.

It is very typical that before awakening and even after, psychic vampyres experience premonitions, as well as experience clairaudience (hearing spirits) and clairvoyance (seeing spirits.)  Sometimes it is at will–sometimes not–sometimes just as a part of dreams (or nightmares for that matter.)

And, although reading minds is extremely difficult, and even more rare, empathy is a common gift/ailment (depending on how you look at it) that affects psychic vampyres, allowing them to feel the feelings and emotions of people nearby or people they are connected to, sometimes even over many miles.  Though it does not allow them to hear word for word what is on the person’s mind, the feelings can be so strong and specific that vampyres commonly mistake them for their own.

Both of these things can, with enough effort, be controlled and strengthened, and with enough practice, can even be like their own super powers.

….If only we could find a way to fly.

Am I A Vampyre?

…it’s a question addressed on every single vampyre forum, website, or article.  People who believe they may be “awakening” but do not know for sure and want a sort of “check-list” to define whether they are or are not a vampyre.

I used to think I could help people with this question, but I realize now, that this question is almost as difficult to answer as someone asking you “Am I happy?”  There are always tell-tale signs that you are, but the truth lies within the person in the end, you can only really answer that question on your own.  A person can always appear happy, but not be so on the inside.  The same goes for “am I a vampyre?”

Luckily, Michelle Belanger comes to the rescue again with some guidance on how to decide for yourself.  In an article on the House Kheperu site, she offers a sort of “test” to start things off.  Now, keep in mind, it’s important to be completely honest with yourself–truly look within yourself–and not focus on what you want to be true.  As I can not stress enough, practicing psychic vampyrism as a deliberate and malicious act is not good, fun, fair, ethical, or good for the karma.

That being said, the test is:

1.  Take some time out to really concentrate on the way you interact with the energy around you.  How you react or feel when you are talking with someone, while you are in a crowd, or during intimacies in your relationship.  But, concentrate especially if you are taking some of this energy into yourself.

2.  If the answer to this first test is yes, go for a short period of time, say, a week, while deliberately NOT taking in this energy from other people or energy sources.  If this feels deeply unnatural, or makes you uncomfortable, it is very possible that you may be a psychic vampyre.

Unfortunately, it is by no means as easy as 1, 2 ,3 to decide if you are a vampyre.  Like I said, the answer does not lie in some check-list.  But, this test is a good beginning point in some very intense soul searching.

I recommend doing some research on vampyres and vampyrism to gain a foundation of knowledge on different qualities, common feelings, and aspects of the modern day vampyre to help you.  While doing my own research I realized that some quirks I had that I thought were unique or strange are actually quite common in many psychic vampyres.  It definitely helps in the common feeling that you are alone in what you are and what you experience.

I think the article says it best though:

“Come to understand your vampirism from both inside and out. Make peace with it. Don’t fear or hate it, or else it is something that can easily control you. Balance your own well-being and needs against the well-being and needs of others. Seek answers from every source you deem reliable, and always weigh what you are told by teachers, books, or other authorities against your own personal experience.”

Good Resources for the Soul-Seeking Psychic Vampyre

25 Top Cities For Modern Day Vampyres

There are many modern day vampyres out there that–sadly–feel very VERY alone.

Well, I promise you, you aren’t, especially if you live in one of these cities.*

Top 25 Cities for Modern Day Vampyres

1. London, England
2. Atlanta, GA
3. Chicago, IL
4. Toronto
5. Los Angeles, CA
7. Houston, TX
8. New York City, NY
9. Melbourne, Australia
10. San Antonio, TX
11. San Fransisco, CA
12. Stratford,CT
13. Brisbane, Australia
14. Manchester, Great Britain
15. Rockingham, NC
16. Orange County, CA
17. Brockton, MA
18. Oxnard, CA
19. Las Vegas, NV
20. Savannah, GA
21. Brisbane, Australia
22. Charlotte, NC
23. Detroit, NI
24. Sydney, Australia
25. Edinburgh, Great Britain

*Thanks to for the info.  The top 25 cities are based on’s list of vampire meetups with the most attendees (excluding the “Goth” meetups and “Vampire: The Masquerade” meetups which don’t count).  This does not necessarily mean that there are more vampyres in these places than others, just more people going to meetups, but for the purposes of this blog, we’re gonna go with the first idea.

Psychic Vampyres and Indigos

I always seem to find things to write about when I’m looking for something COMPLETELY opposite to tell you about, so I’ll just have to keep “controlling empathy” for another day. I found a fellow blog on “Indigos,” people described as having a deeper connection to the Universe than the average person. It’s eerie how many similarities there are between Modern Day Vampyres and Indigos.

Now, keep in mind this is only based on the the group I belong to, since I know them inside and out and can hardly say that about any other vampyres around me. But I also found a relatively accurate list of modern day vampire characteristics at VAU. Anyway, here’s a few highlights, the full list of Indigo characteristics can be found here.

Characteristics of a Vampyre
from personal experience and VAU

  • Interference with electronics (i.e. watches stopping, batteries dying, street lights going out)
  • The feeling of being different/separate from others on some intuitive level
  • You feel sometimes you belong in a different time period or even world.
  • High intuition or innate psychic abilities (premonitions, seeing ghosts, etc.)
  • Very intense empathy
  • Getting along with animals and/or nature with more ease than other human beings
  • People often feel uncomfortable with your intensity
  • Intense need for physical contact
  • Are happiest and healthiest when energy is “balanced”
Characteristics of an Indigo
quoted from Indigo Life Center

  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
  • Feel like they could be one of the characters on the 1980’s television series “The Misfits of Science” or one of the young people in Xavier’s school for the gifted in the recent movies from the comic books “The X-Men.”
  • Know in their heart and core that they are here “on a mission” but many don’t remember what that is or how to go about it.
  • Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
  • Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
  • Many times get along better with animals and nature than people.
  • Shut down psychic abilities because it scares people.
  • Have what I endearingly term H.D.D. or “Hug Deficit Disorder” and need immense amounts of physical touching, hugs, and love to “cuddle.”
  • When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

Please check out the whole lists of vampyre characteristics at VAU and indigo characteristics and ILC. They’re SUPER interesting, I just don’t have enough room for them here.

Also, I realize that many Indigos have a strong disdain for “psychic vampyres” due to beliefs of the energetic damage they cause as well as their malicious intent. I would like to assure those people that one–that blanket does not lie over all psychic vampyres, and also that I mean no offense by any comparisons I make. Thank you!

Vampyrism in the Laboratory

For all the skeptics out there on whether psychic vampyrism is or is not a reality, I found a very interesting article today about scientific studies done on those who practice psychic vampyrism.  Subjects varied from college students to couples in long-term and on-going relationships.

The results were rather interesting, whether you’re a skeptic or not.

For those who don’t know, everyone has an energy field called an “aura” that changes based on mood, mental state, current feelings or emotions, among many other things, and the aura can actually be photographed by a special kind of camera that can capture an image of the energy field.

Well, subjects were photographed before, during and after this “psychic vampire interaction” and–well, take a look for yourself.

First, the psychic vampyre’s aura before, during and after feeding.  Before feeding it is weak and dim, during, small “tentacles” emerge from the aura to draw the energy from their donor’s aura, and after, the aura is energized, bright, and wide.

Now, the donor’s aura.  It begins bright, wide, and dense, and after being fed from it looks much like the vampyre’s initial aura, weak and dim.  Actually, if you look closely you can see what the article calls “puncture wounds” in the aura from where those tentacles from the vampyre aura reached in to draw energy.

Pretty interesting, huh?  Now, it’s not as parasitic as it looks, and there are many alternatives to outright draining your donor, including “energy exchange” which I may describe in detail later.  Basically, instead of plain taking energy from a donor like in these pictures, you exchange it, giving yours and taking theirs, and in effect “refreshing” your energy as well as theirs.

On a final note: I’m impressed that scientists are taking the time to actually research this.  Thanks scientists.

The Castes – Part 1/3 – The Counselor

So, I’ve continued reading The Psychic Vampire Codex and I began to read the section about “castes.”  Now, normal, simply due to its name, I would have dismissed this.  It sounds like something from a fantasy or sci-fi novel, but the castes are reference so many more times in this book that I had to read it.  And–of course–the information was pretty interesting.  Mostly because one of the castes, The Counselor, matched me to a T.  But even better, the other two castes, The Warrior and The Priest, match both Day and Matt, making us the perfect “Triumvirate” as Michelle Belanger writes it.

Tell me about it, it sounds hokey, but there’s no way I can deny the truth in it.  Like the other part I quoted from the book, it matches me so perfectly that there’s no way I can dismiss it.  So, I’m creating a sort of 3 part series here on castes, because if it applies to us AND it’s in a published book, I’m sure the information will be useful to other people.  But–putting all three in one post would be god awful, and long.

So, today, since I’m me and I was most excited about this one, here is Michelle Belanger’s take on the Couselor Caste:

“Counselors engage in a constant interaction with the energy in their environment.  They take energy in, alter it, then release it back into the flow.  They are an integral step in the balance between spirit and matter, and in many ways they embody the dynamism between these two states of being.  While Counselors need to take some energy for themselves, their greatest need is to perpetuate the flow and to keep things connected.  They can do this through surface feeding and through physical contact.  They tend to take and give energy without thinking about it, constantly seeking out situations where they can interact with others emotionally or physically in order to facilitate this flow.

Because Counselors naturally connect with the energies around them, they interact very readily with subtle entities and the disembodied.  Entities that are pure energy tend to be attracted to Counselors because they can communicate through them due to their constant connection to external energy flow.  The energies Counselors constantly put out are also easily assimilated by entities on the Otherside.  For these reasons, Counselors tend to make good channels and also excel at invocation.

Counselors can be very vulnerable to external energetic influences.  Their natural empathy can lead them to be subsumed by the emotions of others, to the point where they can actually lose their own identity in the person they have connected to.  Conflicting and chaotic energies can easily throw them out of balance, and when this happens, they often suffer a mental or emotional loss of control.  A Counselor who has been thrown out of equilibrium by outside energies will have difficulty focusing, may be hyperactive and disoriented, and can undergo radical alterations in personality and mood.  An unbalanced Counselor may be excessively emotional or may have a complete shutdown of emotional responses as their empathy overloads them to a point of being numb.

Counselors have feminine energy, and this is evident whether they are male or female in body.  Furthermore, Counselors tend to be attractive and charismatic, and while their physical appearance can vary widely, they always possess a natural sensuality and allure.

Unawakened Counselors are often drawn into repeated codependent relationships.  The energetic connection they make with others is easily mistaken for love.  So long as Counselors remain connected to a person, interest in that person will be retained, but the moment they synchronize with someone else’s energy, all of the Counselor’s attention will shift to that new individual.  However, the previous partner’s connection to the Counselor does not fade, and this often grows into obsession.

It is essential for a Counselor to achieve a balanced emotional state.  The constant flow of energy within them can make them chaotic and impulsive.  Furthermore, a Counselor needs to develop a strong sense of Self, so this may function as an anchor when they interact with others.  The Couselors are the heart and unity of the Family.  However, unless they surrender their need to control others through their desires, the love they can enrich us with could easily turn into hatred and confusion.”

Michelle Belanger, “The Psychic Vampire Codex”

I keep feeling like I should say “uncanny, right?” but I suppose it isn’t unless you know me.

Nevertheless, I’ll continue with The Priest tomorrow.

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