Vampyre Tid-bits

A Short Intro To Vampyrism as I Know It

I am by no means an expert on vampyrism, other than the research I’ve done so far, which is limited, and my personal experiences. But, I figure there’ll be some people out there scratching their heads and saying “What the fuuuucckk?” So, this is me trying to the best of my ability to explain what I–we–they–are all about.

I’ll only cover psychic vampyrism as I’d be a fool to tackle sanguinary vampyrism when I have no experience.

Psychic vampyres by definition are those who “feed” or take the life force and/or energy from other living things, with the most popular being other human beings. It is possible to take energy from anything with living and moving energy: animals, trees, the environment (sky, stars, etc). But humans, in their complexity, are most satisfying, and often most convenient to take from.

There are as many feeding techniques, styles, and preferences as there are psychic vampyres in the world (which is not a small number). But this gist of it is, is that energy is transfered from another human being to yourself through touch, “psychic nets” or whatever your prefence may be.

Psychic vampyres are sometimes aware, sometimes unaware of the fact that they are taking energy. Someone around a psychic vampyre who is feeding from them may feel tired, drained, slightly disoriented or uncomfortable for no particular reason. Though, some say that it can also cause a kind of pleasant relaxation. I’m sure it depends on the person.

Many psychic vampyres, to avoid the moral issues of stealing energy from unknowing human beings is to have a “donor.” One who knows and consciously agrees to “donate” his or her energy to you as a vampyre. A good example of a psychic vampyre with a donor is Margaret Belanger (a wonderful example who I trust in deeply.) If anyone watches A&E 😀 she was on the “Secret Life of Vampires” that they show eeevvery Halloween.

There are a few reasons that psychic vampyrism may be practiced.

  1. The person was born with the inability to create and maintain his or her own energy and as a survival mechanism he or she will take from the energy of others.
  2. The person developed this same inability at a later point in his or her life which could be a result of a multitude of circumstances or events including trauma, spiritual awakening, etc.
  3. They do it for their personal pleasure. These are the ones that often get the bad reputation.

Vampyres in the first and second category, when they have not fed, feel very ill, lacking in energy, and fatigued, and must feed to regain their wellbeing, there is no other way.

Any questions??

Comment it and I’ll add it in. Promise.



  1. Hi Abigail!
    My name is Jennifer and I’m an associate producer with the Tyra Banks Show. We’re working on an informative show on modern day vampires, and I’d LOVE to speak with you about sppearing on the show! Please email me at ASAP! Thanks!

  2. Good morning deare lady,
    I would like to invite you to visit Darke Gate…
    It is the portal to a webgroup named Darke Garde that is dedicated to the study of the history, mythos and facts o’ modern day vampyres.

    ‘Twould be my honour to receive you there.
    With compliments and highest regards,

  3. Hello there.
    i would first like to thank you for showing others that know little about us that we at not all evil creatures of the night. In fact I try very hard to fill my energy needs by the way of the suns ever expanding energy. Though this can be quite dangerous considering that it can overwhelm thous that are beginners. ( I my self have even over done it once or twice and as a result had to take refuge in doors) Any ways thanks again for showing the light side (no pun intended) of our lives.

  4. I just found out that I am a psychic vampire. My mom goes to a psychic on the regular and she told her a few years back and has just decided to tell me. At first I was very upset because of all the sites I had found describing what I am, they made it seem like I was some horrible person for “stealing” energy even though I didn’t know I was doing it. When I came across your site. Thank you for making me feel better about what I am.

  5. Hi Abigail,

    I commented on your blog about 4 months ago and have been following your posts ever since. I know this is too much to ask for, but I kinda have some questions and need some help and I don’t know where else to turn. I know you’re pretty busy lately, but I would really appreciate it if you could message me when you find the time.


  6. Hey, Im starting to get into this and I have a few questions. Like, how do I know if there are any vampyres in my town that need donors? I want to help in any way possible and I just dont know if there are any in my town. I would love for you to message me if you have time and I will tell you more about my situation. Im not a vampyre, but I would love to help any out.

  7. hey abigail,
    i know this may be a stupid question and i dont mean to offend anyone but i was wondering after reading the twlight book are vampiers like that. Not in the sense that they are eternal and have great superpowers but that they have this strong sense of smell. expecially to things such as blood?

  8. hi,
    1st of all, I’d like to thank you for making this site, I never new what I was. I found my girlfriend feeling drained after we hug or even touch each other. I feel myself feeling ill if I am not around people or animals over a bit of time. I heal faster than usual too, if I get cut in morning, it’s healed in the evening, could this be anything to do with my feeding habits? I hardly ever eat, could you confirm my suspicions for me please.

  9. heyazz

    well i really like your site kts totally awsome but i was just wondering if you had a moment to answe rmy questions!

    call me crazy but i wanna be a vampire so so so bad i would litrally give ANYTHING to be one and i was wondering how you can tell if some ones a vampire and if there is anyway, anywaay at all to become a vampire ! also how do you know if your energy is being drained !!

    please please answer these questions !!!!!!!

    age 12 xx

  10. i am an olympian vampire, My name is souxi i know how you feel i am 15 in human years but 32 in immortal years i can guide you to your answers as i am on here quite frequently

    • hey.. ah basically how did u become a vampire. what is an olympian vampire. and if your 15 how do u do things above the legal age.. do u have any supernatural gifts.. ah do u drink blood.. will u live forever.. basically i want to know what u do with your time being one.. thanks

  11. you are in short detail of how to alternately take down the kill and yes this is comeing from a real live vampire. if you have any questions post them here i have no e-mail yet

  12. Wow you people are all fucking idiots. Okay so you have alot of points with the pyschic vampire thing. But come on all of the fucking retards who think they have to drink blood to survive? That’s bullshit, and I know tons of people think “Oh you just don’t understand.” But you know what, YOU don’t understand. You’re all wasting your time with idiotic kid games. Grow up!

    • You sound like a total paradox considering your on the website reading through everything, and you wouldnt be doing that by force but by choice. So wouldnt your interest be considered just as idiotic as everyones beliefs?
      yea, you sound really uneducated

  13. hello dear mortals,

    i am souxi from the olympic coven and am very serious of who and what i am. Alot of people think that a vampire would kill you on the spot but the effort it takes me not to kill is the hardest . are you al vamires yourselves? i belive that there is more of us out there somewhere my friends ( 2 other vampires , a werewolf , and an arance ) also belive that is true also . my mind is hard to pardon with but make no mistake on your behalf that will lead you to dange.

    thanks, SOUXI

    • there are others… i am lycan. i feel the need for a pack; however, i do not have one.

    • Hey,

      I know this might just be some people having a laugh at others believes but I just really want to know, are vampires/vampyres real? and are they willing to make humans into vampires/vampyres like themelves? because i would gladly become one and i’m not just saying this because i watched twilight and loved them (even though its a awesome film), i’ve just always wanted to be one since the very first time i heard about them.
      And thanks for posting this information on the internet, its helped me understand there are differences between vampires and vampyres.


    • Hello,

      My name is Jess and I am 16 years old, and what you posted on this website has fascinated me. I hope you don’t mind my asking but are you a real vampire? because if you are I was wondering if you were willing to change humans into vampires such are yourself. Also, you said it was hard to not kill humans when near them, so I would just like to apologize for your struggle when near them.
      I would appreciate your reply.



  15. Hello,
    I have been losing faith in the “supernatural” world lately and this site has been the most convincing yet. I would like to know the average-point ratio of people that could be suspected as “inhuman” or “supernatural beings” (ie. 4 out of 10 people 4:10). This question is not for proposes that mean the destruction of any being of any sort. This will save me from deep depression (I have always been beliving but recently I have been having my doubts and suffering from depression).
    An answer of any sort would be most helpful.

  16. Hello Cookie, thank you for posting, for now I have a link to you so that I can drain you of your energy… If you feel drained, then you will know why. Ha ha! See ya idiot.

  17. HEY……
    Im totally inlove with the fact that vampires exist!!!! 😀 I always wanted to be one. ever since i was little. I love the moon and night life…. and i want to get to know a few vampires..


  18. hi im cobweb and im fasinated with vampires and just happend to stumbled across your website. I then realised one of my friends may be a physics vampire. She doesn’t realise it but she definatly drains our energy.My friends agree that she drains us. We always feel tired moody and down around her. She is a nunmber 1 or 2 vampire she may have gone through trama i dont know what tghough.
    When not taking our energy she gets ill. then she starts to take or energy again.
    Can we do anything to help her ?
    Is it possible for us to prevent her from taking our energy without her noticing?
    Please help us.
    luv cobweb

    p.s.are there any other cool vampire websites you would recomend. I dont mindif its not all about vampires as long as there about supernatural, vampires, witches,werewolves, mystical things you know things that SOME people don’t belive in.

  19. hello i stumbled upon this site/blog here and i really enjoy this for i am not human but i am what my friends say a “half-breed”. i enjoy this blog because i get the point of view from the two sides which helps me cope with my life as i know it, i drink blood when i can get it (which is very rare nowadays since i am not with my donor anymore) thanks for the support and any vampire, were-wolf that wants to speak with me please feel free to email me

  20. hi,
    anyone out there, i am a mortal, so i think. i wish i was a vampire and i would love to know everything there is about vampirism. Souxi, could you help me? thanks so much!

  21. I have learned few of my heritage, am just finding myself. I have had many come to my house, trying to solve the mysteries of the ghosts i saw, and they all said i was the one messed up. I even had people tell me that i am a vampyre. I see things that happen the next day and always have this craving that never goes away. I always get headaches. My best friend relized what is happing to me and she became my donor. when i drank, the headaches and cravings go away. the dreams become more acurate. i still have questions, though.


  22. Hi,

    I am nt a vampyre but I am interested in the whole phenomina. I have always viewed the belief in the existence of vampyres as a result of superstion and overreactive imaginations. It would seem that I may be wrong. But any info I’ve been able to find has been mostly less than unhelpful to satisfy my curiosity. If someone would like to share their experiences that would be helpful.

  23. hello, i am very interested in becoming a vampire. please contact me. as soon as possible. i would be thrilled if anyone contacted. please. contact.

  24. Hello,
    For most of my life, i have feared being alone, but it was more than that i’d feel lazy, tired and depressed when alone, is this common thing? I have often thought that i can hear people’s thoughts, not like on TV or in the books but i subtle jumble of words, almost echoing and i have more than often felt rejuvinated and energetic after sex, whereas most people i know feel tired and well not so energetic.
    Lately i have become rather interested with the mythology and folklore of vampyrism. On many of the sites that i have visited, mention symptoms and i was wondering if there is a way to tell if you are a vampire or just plain crazy.
    I do believe that if vampyres’ exist, i may well be of the psi sort, but i’m not totally convinced, what do you think?

  25. As I said before in a comment, I wanted to thank you. Im looking through your sight now in more detail and wow, its amazing to kno wim not alone. Ive had people say theyre vampires, but lying is a habit I can see through quite often. One friend i truly did believe, well… He was the one who showed me who I am, but it turns out he was only a man with a fetish. Tjank you for showing the internet worl we are not monsters.


  26. Hello Abigail,

    I doubt you remember me and my associates. My name is Jason, but you can call me wolf. Yes, i am lycan. I have decided to make the real werewolves properly represented. I would very much enjoy to answer any questions you might have about my kind.

    thank you for your time.


  27. I am soo obsessed with vampires and i just wanted to know if there is a way that i could turn into one if so could u please comment me back

  28. do you think there is any way i could become a vampire? I’m fine with becoming one, but I don’t know how to become one. Do you have to be born a vampire or are you turned into one by another vampire?

  29. Okay i’m not sure what to say or how to say it but i’ll try and keep it short. I think i know i psycic vampire. Well i am a very strange teenager. I for some reason cant seem to like anyone. But recently i have bumped into a boy (17 of age) who works at a music store in town. i feel so different around him. i passed this as infatuation but now im not so sure….. this really just complicates everything. Everything screams for me to run out of the store and hide from him, but my heart (or hormones which ever one is talking) wont let me leave his side. i always feel so scared around him. no hes not a serial killer and no hes not a rapist. he’s a wonderful boy who goes to church and has wonderful old fashion manners towards women. But i always thought i was so nervouse cause i liked him. But it was so different form other guys i like, everything is so…blurry and slow when i was with him. Me being a very smart kid ( i rethink everything to the point of exhuastion,) i notice how strange i feel, like someone else is inside my mind with me sort of….. but even though hes gone to college, i miss that strange feeling. one more thing, i always feel happy when i leave the music store, and he always seems fine before and after i leave but I do feel drained later on that day, and i always crash emotionaly when i go to bed after seeing him…. answer me please ! help me

  30. cookie your stupid some of them do have to drink blood and i want to be one yet i dont know how to be one. A psychic vampire not a blood vamp.

  31. Wow thiz page is amazing!!! Well hi im reading the book Twilight and is just amazing i think that vampires are awesome and very intresting i just have tons of questions so can you just hit me up by e-mail

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