The Facts of Life

I learned a few important things today, and seeing as tomorrow is an early/long day, I’m going to leave you with these.

On a side note:  I got hired at my internship!!!  😀

On a second side note: Sorry for the instantly apparent cheesiness of the following lessons–I was in a sappy mood.

On a third note: I’m almost positive that #4 is a result of “Sex in the City” playing in the background and not actually from anything that happened today, but I’m sure it’s a valid lesson anyway.

1.  Gossip is terrible, annoying, pointless, and bad for your karma.  Sure, it makes for good conversation, but in the end it all boils down to: don’t be mean, it just makes YOU look like a bitch.

2. Say what you freakin’ mean, you aren’t fooling anyone.

3.  You can’t judge your success by how many people are proud of you or happy for you, if you feel accomplished, let that be enough.  …Not everyone will give you the satisfaction of telling you you’ve done well, even when you have.

4.  Love, at some point, will make you feel sick.  …It’s called “love sick,” I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  If love was easy all of the time, it wouldn’t be so glorious when everything is perfect.

5.  Indulging every so often is just as good for your health as living a strictly healthy lifestyle.

6.  I wish it was obvious but it is not–outward appearance does not define a person.  Sounds like an over spoken proverb or elementary school lesson, but I’m surprised how many times I and other people forget.  Hell, modern day vampyres should be the proof alone for that.  I bet there’s at least one sitting in that sea of cubicles you go to every day.

7.  “Fan girl” is a freakin’ mental illness.

8.  Any and all advertisements are evil and manipulative!

9.  Credit cards are one thing and one thing alone:  A BLACK HOLE OF DESPAIR.

11. Lists don’t have to end on even numbers.  Take THAT “Lists of 10.”

And that is what knowledge comes from a day at the office.  …other than the super nerdy web design-y stuff no one wants to hear about (which I also learned today.)

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